St John's C of E Primary School


Year 6!


Firstly, we all want to wish you a very Happy Easter! We hope you have a wonderful time with your family and that you can treasure the time that you are all together. Why don’t you play a board game, help out with the cooking, do a bit of gardening, create a family quiz!


Secondly, these activities below are optional. It is really important that you rest over the next couple of week – go and play in the garden, play hide and seek, go for a walk and spend time with your family. However, if you would like to do some work then it is below.



Fun Easter Challenges:

Easter Competition:



Read Theory

Read to an adult for 30 minutes a day

Write a summary or a character profile

Listen to Seaglass and write a prediction


YouTube - for stories, class book, RE lesson, Maths lesson, PE challenges, collective worship.

Year 6 YouTube channel:


School YouTube channel:



Research how Easter is celebrated across the World -

Watch the RE lesson and do the activity (see Year 6 YouTube channel)

BINGO! – Complete the bingo grid (see your emails or Teams)


Thirdly, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Wale, Mrs Akhtar and Mrs Shingadia will check their emails and Teams occasionally (probably once a week) during the two weeks, in case you really need to contact us about something you are worried about. However, do not expect a reply immediately, as we are on holiday too.


Finally, have a wonderful holiday! Stay safe and enjoy spending time with your family! We will be in contact on Monday 20th April to see how you all are.

Year 5 and 6 spelling word list