St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10


St John's School is a Church of England primary school with a distinctively Christian ethos. This underpins the values of the school and reflects its nature: to serve others with love. The school's purpose is to serve the community of Sparkhill by providing each child with the education they need to flourish and each family the support they need to thrive. St John's is a church school where every child is welcomed, valued and loved. It's a place where children can grow in, and reflect on their own faith- no matter what that may be- and learn to respect the beliefs, opinions and lifestyles of others. 


The simplest way to apply for a place at St John's CE Primary School is to call the office on 0121-675-1469 and make an appointment. The friendly office staff will then explain the process to you.


The three most common reasons for applying are for:


1. Your child starting Nursery in September of the academic year in which they turn 4.

2. Your child starting Reception in September of the academic year in which they turn 5.

3. In-year (starting any year group at any time during the school year because you are changing school)


The details of how to apply can be found in our Admissions form below.


If you are applying for a Reception place starting in September, you will need to fill in the Local Authority Form which is on-line.

If you are applying for a Nursery or in-year place (any year group), you will need to fill out the Admission form which is in Appendix 1 of the Admissions Policy.


For all applications, you might also need to fill out a Supplementary Information Form (Appendix 2 in the policy). This is only if if you are applying for a place and have siblings at the school, or are in regular attendance at a church.


If you come into school to collect an Application Form or Supplementary Information Form, please bring with you, your child's original passport OR birth certificate and proof of your address; e.g council tax or utility bill.


If you are not the home owner, we require the home owners council tax bill, together with a letter listing the family names who live in the house, we also would like to see two other items of proof, e.g driving licence, child tax credit, bank statement, tenancy agreement, wage slip, child's doctors medical card.


If your child does not have a school place, we recommend you contact Birmingham City Council on telephone number 0121-303-1888 or visit They will try to find a school place for your child/children. 


Admissions Policy 2022-23

Admissions Policy 2023-24