St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10



Watch the WhiteRose Bakery video that we have been using in class. You need to fast forward and watch from 22:12 until 30:41.

WRM Bakery | White Rose Maths


The activity gets you to work out how much profit (or not) you could make on certain products.


Watch these two videos and read the lyrics of both songs:


Three Lions (Football's Coming Home) (Official Video) - YouTube

Three Lions - Football Is Coming Home Lyrics


New Order - World In Motion (Official Music Video) [HD Upgrade] - YouTube

New Order – World In Motion Lyrics | Genius Lyrics


Answer these questions:

What is your favourite line in each song?

Which song do you think is best? Why?

Which song do you think would be most inspirational for the England team on Sunday? Why?


Choose your favourite in the vote on teams!



Road Safety

After the visit from the police yesterday, today we are going to do some work on road safety. Remember they said that your age group is the group most likely to be injured or killed on the road.

Watch the video and do the activities:


Daily Challenge

Following on from the pop-ups we learnt to make last week, your challenge is to make a pop-up thank you card for someone in school to make them smile. You might want to give it to a teacher, a TA, Mr H-E, someone in the office, Mr Eden.....

You could use one of the pop-ups you already know or there are loads of ideas online, like these ones:

Handmade Mother's Day Pop-up Card | Craft Nifty Creations - YouTube

Easy Rainbow Pop Up Card - Learn how to make easy 3d Cards for Kids - 3d Rainbow - YouTube


Post a picture or a video on teams so I can see!