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Lorraine Lionheart - Botswana 6.6.22

A life filled with Grace

This song was written as ‘our song for the commonwealth’  and is called ‘A life lived with grace.’ It was sung around the Commonwealth on the 2nd June as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee beacons. Different artists have covered it, one of which is Lorraine Lionheart. 


Lorraine Lionheart was born and raised in the Kalahari Desert, in Botswana, the country they call the jewel of Africa. She is not UK based, but says her music is deeply influenced by the music of the San tribe of the Kalahari Desert. In her words “the San are the world’s most beautiful people”. Even though she embraces her roots and sings in her native languages, 14 other African languages ,as well as in English, her music appeals to all. 


You can also listen to the links here of other versions of the song. You can hear a full choir, A Ugandan choir singing in Swahili as well as an arrangement on the Hurdy Gurdy!

Lorraine LionHeart Sings a Life Lived with Grace for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Pan-African Choir of Uganda Sing A Song for the Commonwealth

A Life Lived with Grace for Hurdy Gurdy

Song for the Commonwealth - A life lived with Grace - 4 part accompanied