St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10



Prefix mis and re

misbehave, mistake, mislead, misread, misspell, misplace

redo, rewrite, retake, rebuild, reappear, return



1. Close your eyes and imagine you are walking along a beach. Play these sounds to help transport yourself there and to ignite your imagination!

Describe what you can hear, see, smell and your feelings using adjectives (describing words)

See Hear Smell Feel


2. Write a short diary entry describing the day she found a fossil. A diary happened in the past so you need to write in the past tense and write it in the first person e.g. I walked along the beach. I found a fossil.

Try and include these past tense words in your diary writing: felt, saw, wandered, discovered, smelt, heard, trembled, thumped


3. Go to BGFL, my files, Stone Girl Bone Girl 1,2,3 and read an extracts of the story taken from the book Stone Girl Bone Girl about Mary Anning.

Then complete your active reading by answering these questions:


Vocabulary Word zap: adored, carpenter. Explain the meaning of this vocabulary.

Inference: Look at the phrase crashing sea?  What does that tell you about the sea?

Inference: Stop reading after paragraph 1: What is dangerous about the cliffs?

Visualise: Stop reading after paragraph 1: Close your eyes and imagine what that seaside setting would look like.

Thoughts: Stop after the paragraph 2: Why is he tapping the rock?

Vocabulary word zap/Inference: Read the passage: ‘What are you looking for?’ asked Mary, dancing about on the sand. What does the word ‘danced’ tell you about how Mary is feeling?

Predict: After you have read the extract, predict what you think will happen next in the story.



Take the spelling quiz for the adding of the prefix mis- and re- on J2blast.