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Euros 2024 - Spain: traditional Flamenco 17.6.24

The 2024 UEFA European Football Championship (sometimes simply called Euro 2024) is hosted by Germany this year. It is taking place from 14th June until the 14th July. There are 24 teams taking place. Germany automatically qualified but the remaining 23 teams have had to play qualifying matches. 


In the run up to the final, we are going to visit some of the countries who have made it into the competition and listen to some of their traditional music, or to the music of some of their most famous composers. 

This week we are off to Spain. 


Spain - Flamenco

The music and dance of the Roma people of the Andalusia region of southern Spain is known as flamenco. Its roots are in Romany, Andalusian, Arabic, and possibly Spanish Jewish folk song The first record of the word ‘flamenco’ was in the 18th century (300 years ago) but the style of music may go back as for as the 14th century (700 years ago).  

Flamenco has acoustic guitar music, singing, hand claps, heel stamps and castanets. The dance has no set tempo (speed). It may have both fast and slow passages, rising to a climax near the end. 

Sabicas (proper name: Agustín Castellón Campos) (16 March 1912 – 14 April 1990) was a Spanish flamenco guitarist of Romani origin 

"El Vito" by Embrujo Mestizo (Guitar & Castanets)

Melina Najjar- Flamenco dance Farruca with Yazan Ibrahim