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Harp - Christmas carols 13.12.21


The harp is a stringed musical instrument which dates back to 4000 BC when the Egyptians used them in holy places. . 

On a harp, each string is tightly tied to a frame, so it makes the right note. 

The frame can be made from wood or metal and needs to be strong, so that the many tight strings do not break it. 

The side of the triangle that leans on the player's body, is the sound-box. Empty boxes can make sounds louder. 

The top side of the triangle has a lot of pegs in it. There is one peg for each string on the harp. The top of each string is tied to one peg, and twisted around the peg. The player turns the peg to make the string more tight or less tight. This is how the player makes each string make the right note.  

The last side of the triangle is called the pillar which makes the frame very strong, so that the strings will not break it. 


Pedal harps were invented during the 1800's CE - this is the harp you are seeing played here.  Pedal harps are about two meters tall and have 47 strings. The lowest and highest notes on a pedal harp are the same as the lowest and highest notes on a piano. The pedal harp is tuned like the white keys on a piano. There are seven pedals to let the harp player play songs in different musical keys. 


Alisa Sadikova  (born 30 March 2003) is a prodigy classical harpist from Russia. In this video, she is just 9 years old and is performing at a winter concert, 5 days before Christmas.  The other videos show harpists playing Christmas carols and songs for you to enjoy and get in the festive mood!

The Fountain - Marcel Lucien Grandjany

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) - Harp Cover

Christmas Carols played on Harp