St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Spot's First Easter (Easter)

Spot's First Easter


Our book this week is Spot's First Easter. 


After listening to the story the children might:


* Find out about the Easter story and why Christians celebrate Easter.

*Set up an Easter egg hunt or play hide-and-seek.

* Act out their story.

* Hide a toy in different places. You could extend this play using prepositions (e.g. in, on, in between, next to, above). 

* Have an egg and spoon race.

* Do lots of bunny hopping!

* Free pom-pom chicks frozen in ice - To prepare for this: Place some small pom-pom chicks inside balloons and fill with water. Freeze the balloons overnight. Remove the balloon and allow children to explore melting the ice in a water tray to free the chicks.

* Do the egg box pom-pom challenge - Provide egg boxes along with some pom-poms and spoons. Challenge children to move the pom-poms into the different sections of the egg box. Giant tweezers would also be great for this activity.

* Do a number Easter egg hunt - Mark plastic eggs/ stone with numbers 0-10. Ask your child to hunt for the 'eggs'. Challenge your child by getting them to read the number. They could then find that number of objects, count up to that number, copy the digit.

*Make an Easter basket out of recyclable materials.






* Draw a rabbit. 🐰

for children aged 3-4 years old.

* Explore an Easter treasure basket.

* Make and decorate a mask.

* Decorate egg boxes.

*Use dough a items found outside to make a face (like this bunny).

* Use wax crayons before painting to make surprise patterns.

*Do some Easter themed printing.

*Decorate leaves. Hole punches and scissors are great for this (and they build hand strength).