St John's C of E Primary School

Reception Transition (2020-21)

Welcome to our advice page for moving to Reception.


Here is the place we will post useful websites and updates for next September.


If you have any queries about Reception places or appeals, please email  and speak to a member of staff during our weekly calls.

Reception Update 1 - April 2020


0121 675 1469



Reception Update 2 - May 2020


Preparations are underway in the background for the Reception transition.


We know that your probably starting to think about next September so I thought you'd find this Starting Primary School page from the BBC useful.


We have set up a Music, Songs and Nursery Rhymes page to support transition. It includes:


Daily routine songs - learning these songs will help your child with the routines of school.


School songs - These are some of our favourite songs taken from the Collective Worship emails that Mrs Hedges sends out. 


Nursery Rhymes - which are great to support children's speaking and listening and future reading skills. Research shows that if children know 8 Nursery rhymes by the time they are 4 years older, they will be some of the best readers by 8 years old! So sing, sing, sing.  

Incy wincy spider 🕷 🌧🌞🕷

Nursery rhyme

Reception Update 3 - June 2020


In preparation for Reception, please look out for the following over the next few weeks:


  • A call from the New Reception Team to say hello over the next 2 weeks!
  • Further information on our plans for September including introductions from Mrs Seymour, Mrs Harbourne, and the Reception Team will be released towards the end June.
  • Reports from Nursery. 


Here is the uniform information for St Johns Primary School.


We really like this guide to starting starting school. We love the section on self-care and agree that it is really helpful if your child can do the following independently before they start school*:

  • Going to the toilet
  • Washing their hands
  • Dressing and undressing (especially using tricky buttons and zips)
  • Using a tissue (or the crease of an elbow)
  • Feeding themselves 
  • Tidying up.


* Please talk to us if your child struggles with any of these things. It's normal and we're here to help.

Useful websites