St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Week Beginning 21st March 2022

Year 1 Remote Learning week beginning 21st March 2022

Hi Year 1,


Here is your remote learning for this week if you are isolating - remember, you don't have to complete any work at home if you feel poorly! Make sure your grown ups let the school office know if you are isolating. Mrs Large will check in with them via e-mail as soon as possible to check you are all ok, and to help you with your remote learning if needs be.


Here are some things for you to have a go at based around your class’ current learning:


Listen to this story – The Lion Inside:

Can you think of a time you’ve been really brave and write a short sentence or two about it?



Your current topic is still Wild Safari!        

This week you will be learning about habitats (where animals live): Have a go at these lessons here. You don’t have to do them all!




This week you are learning about plurals (that means when there’s more than one of something), Have a look at the videos and activities here:



These links will take you to pages containing lots of lessons – you do not need to do them all! One a day is absolutely fine.

This week you will be exploring numbers up to 100:

If that’s a bit tricky, don’t worry, try numbers to 50:

..or 20:

If you would like some more general counting resources there are some here. You don’t have to do everything! There is a selection for you to choose the activities which suit you best:

Here is some more counting practice:

Counting in twos:

Counting in fives:

If you want a challenge, you could try counting back in 5s too:


Remember, there are lots more great remote learning resources on the school website here: