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Music to listen to

Every week during singing, we learn about a different genre, artist or composer. We listen to lots of examples of music throughout the week. Click on the links below to listen to the huge range of music that we have covered this year. 

Music of the week

19th October

Music of the Kings and Queens 

"I was glad"  is traditionally sung in a Christian church as an anthem if a British Monarch has a Coronation (when they are officially crowned King or Queen). It has been set to music by different composers. This one is by Hubert Parry (1902) for King Edward VII – it was also sung at the wedding for William and Kate. 


I was glad – Hubert Parry (this is footage of William and Kate’s wedding) (this one is Queen Elizabeth’s coronation – harder to hear as the commentator talks over it… need to watch from 22.40 mins for the anthem)