St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

School Council

St John's School Council aims to:


  • give the children a 'voice' in our school.
  • encourage collaboration between children of different ages.
  • give our children the opportunity to work alongside other members of our school community (staff, governors, parents, visitors).
  • allow children to experience democracy at first hand and learn the importance of being active citizens.

Our children have applied to be school councillors. They considered the job description (see below), wrote and presented their manifestos to their classmates and have been fairly voted in.  

We need someone from each class to be on the school council. This is a job which allows you to represent your class when talking to Mrs Seymour, Mrs Hedges or Mrs O’Keefe. You will attend meetings and think about what you like about school and what could be changed and made better. You will sometimes be asked by the teachers to go and find things out to report back. This means you listen to the ideas and thoughts your classmates have, make notes of them and then tell the other school councillors and teachers about what your classmates have said in the following meeting.  

To do this job, these are some of the qualities you need to have: 

  • Be a good listener (not just to your friends) 

  • Confident at talking in front of others 

  • Show that you follow all of the school values 

  • Treat everyone fairly 

  • Be organised (you need to make notes and remember when meetings are taking place).


The School council have decided to work on three things this year:


1. What can we do to make sure children who are lonely in the playground have someone to notice them and look after them?


2. How can we make space for calm areas in or around the classrooms so that children who need a few minutes to self-regulate have got somewhere safe to go?


3. What can we do to make eating in the hall a more pleasant experience?