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Mae Muller Eurovision 8.5.23

On Saturday 13th May, the UK is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool. If you win the contest, your country gets to host the event the following year. We didn't win last year, we actually came second. You might remember Sam Ryder singing 'Spaceman'.  The winners were Ukraine with the group Kalush orchestra performing 'Stefania'. The ongoing war in their country meant they didn't feel they could host in their country so they asked for help. The logo for the competition is a heart with a flag inside. If you look at this year's, it is still the Ukrainian flag even though it is hosted in the UK.


The UK's entry is written and performed by Mae Muller and is called 'I wrote a song'. Mae is 25 years old and from London. She loves Eurovision and wrote a song which she thought would be perfect for the competition. A few days later, she got a phone call from her manager asking if she was interested and she said 'the Eurovision gods must have been speaking to me as I already had the song'.

Kalush Orchestra - Stefania (Official Video Eurovision 2022)


Sam Ryder - SPACE MAN (Eurovision Song Contest)