St John's C of E Primary School


Welcome to the last week of Nursery - Learning from home 


We hope that you are all well and enjoying the better weather.


We hope that you are pleased with your child's report. You should have received a message about your child's new class.



RA - Miss Abernathy and Miss Flemming

RH - Miss Hobbs  and Mrs Beasmore 


Transition Project 


Our Learning Project this week focuses on transition.  


In the Weekly book and linked activities section we have saved activities to reflect on the Nursery year to support you to prepare your child for Reception. Our book of the week is Topsy and Tim go to school. We like this book as it helps us to talk to the children about their move to 'big school'.


Nursery Video



Speech and language

Our top pick from the Speech and Language Youtube Channel is about using books to support sentence structure and vocabulary



If your child is born in July or August, please check the website on their birthday as we have made birthday videos for all of the children.




Take care,

Nursery Team 


Hickory dickory dock 🐁 🕰





In preparation for Reception, please look out for the following over the next few weeks:


  • A call from the New Reception Team to say hello (either last week or this week)
  • Updates on our Reception Transition page.
  • Further information on our plans for September including introductions from Mrs Seymour, Mrs Harbourne, and the Reception Team will be released towards the end June.
  • Reports from Nursery. 


Here is the uniform information for St Johns Primary School.


We really like this guide to starting starting school. We love the section on self-care and agree that it is really helpful if your child can do the following independently before they start school*:

  • Going to the toilet
  • Washing their hands
  • Dressing and undressing (especially using tricky buttons and zips)
  • Using a tissue (or the crease of an elbow)
  • Feeding themselves 
  • Tidying up.


* Please talk to us if your child struggles with any of these things. It's normal and we're here to help.


Have a good week! 

Take care,

Nursery Team

Incy wincy spider 🕷 🌧🌞🕷

This Nursery Rhyme sung by Miss Ibbetson brought out the sunshine for us and we hope it brings out of for you too! :)

Happy Birthday Amara

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Happy Birthday Saffa

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15th July

Happy Birthday Ajibola

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22nd July

Happy Birthday Ayaan

Still image for this video
28th July

Happy Birthday Zaki

Still image for this video
3rd August

Happy Birthday Essa

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6th August

Happy Birthday Zayyan

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16th August

Happy Birthday Aayan

Still image for this video
19th August

Happy Birthday Musa

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19th August

Happy Birthday 🥳 Aadam

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Happy Birthday 🥳 Aiman

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