St John's C of E Primary School


HOME LEARNING MARCH 2020 - 30th March update

Hi everyone,


We hope that you are all safe and well. Here are some details of how we plan to stay in touch/ share work. 


How will Nursery share learning ideas?

Nursery will be providing resources for home learning on this page and through parent-mail. We hope you find the ideas useful. Ideas put on here are to support the important work of PLAY that you are doing at home. Please don't feel you have to do it all.


Playing, reading and moving are really important for 3-4 year olds so we recommend this is how they spend most of their days.


Do we have to do all of the ideas suggested?

No. We want to provide you with work to help but we totally understand that there'll be a lot to focus on at this time. Please use the ideas in a way that helps your child.


Please also let us know if there is additional support that would help you. Teaching online is very new so we'd appreciate any suggestions that will help it work for you and your children.


How will online learning be structured?


  • Weekly book 

We will read a weekly book and give ideas linked to it. We would love it if you could send ideas/ photos of what you've one at home so that we could share with other families on this page.


  • Phonics 

We will post phonics sessions on a weekly basis. We suggest that you:

* Try to do 1 Letters and Sounds session from the video daily. Repeat activities so your child gets lots of practice.

* Try to watch the daily Read Write Inc sessions. If you are struggling to fit this in, try to watch at least 1 per week.


  • Weekly learning project 

A learning project will be saved on the web page every Monday. The second topic is about where we live.


  • Maths

Try the daily maths video sessions. Each session is supported by an activity. If you are struggling to fit this in, try to do one of these activities per week. If you missed Week 1, you can still do it. There are some lovely Easter based activities to try.


  • Story time

We have saved recordings of staff reading stories for you to share with your children at home in the Story time folder. We hope that they enjoy seeing our faces. ;) . 


  • Suggested resources 

We will save recommended resources in this folder. Keep an eye on this page as we will add new resources regularly. 


How can we keep in touch?



If you'd like to share photos of what your child has been doing at home, we'd love to see them. Please let us know if you'd be happy for these photos to be shared on the website with other families. 



We will be calling all Nursery families every week whilst school remains closed. We are calling to ensure that you and your family are well and to support offer support with home learning. We would also love to chat to the children as we are all missing them dearly. Please be aware, the numbers will appear as 'unknown numbers' or as 'no caller I.D.'. If you have changed or updated your numbers please inform us as soon as possible.


You can also contact us by email:  . The email will be checked on a daily basis (Monday to Friday). Please get in touch just to say hi or ask any questions or give us suggestions. This is all very new to us all so we want to make sure we are providing the best support possible.  We are use parent feedback to help plan what we provide on the web page. 


We are trying to set up a parent group online. Please send us an email if you would like to take part. 



We hope you will find this useful and please do keep in touch. We are the St John's Family!

Even though we won't see you everyday, you and the children are in our hearts, minds and prayers. 


We miss you all!

Nursery Team