St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10


Welcome to Year Six, Class 2021-2022

In Year Six we have been learning all about The Industrial Revolution.

Our amazing report work, based on our knowledge all about the Industrial Revolution!

Our new topic

Rise of the Robot!

This week we are building our knowledge on electricity.

We made simple circuits and then made our own switches.

Circuits using a switch.

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Experimenting with different conductors and insulators.


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During this topic we designed our own fairground rides. We used lots of different skills like, measuring, sawing wood, making a pulley and various different strategies to achieve these fairground rides.

We had lots of fun making them!

Design and Technology week!

Leavers - Wow, what a year!



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The Dance

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The choir

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This term year six are learning all about Paleontology. 
Children will be looking at a range of different activities, to discover how Paleontologists did their research.

Some key vocabulary we have been learning .

Some amazing work on grouping animals!

Amazing art work on Dinosaurs!

World War 2!

This term year 6 are learning all about WW2!







Year Six painted these Skylines of London during the Blitz!

 Some of our amazing WW2 project work from


Ancient Egyptian Art!

Year 6 had lots of fun making Ancient Egyptian mummies using mod rock and designing their own sarcophagus to put the mummies in!


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Science Week!

During science week year 6 did some practical activities to investigate air resistance by making parachutes . We investigated how light travels in straight lines, and we researched how different forces help us in our everyday life.


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Ancient Egypt

This term we are learning all about Ancient Egypt, as part of our research we have been looking at geographical facts of the river Nile and how it helped the Ancient Egyptians in their lives.

More of our amazing work during remote learning!

Year 6 display

Non Chronological reports on Tigers. 

Some amazing remote learning work!

Mental Health Week!

Year 6 have been involved in many different activities during mental health week! These activities have helped children to focus, stay calm and express their feelings in different ways.

Clay models!

Some delicious baking!!

Creative Work!

Year 6 have been learning all about the eye; the different parts and how they function!


Super art work by year 6

For continuously handing in their best work every single day throughout this lock down!
Some amazing work in year 6 all about the Human Body! 

Safiyyah 6W

Finished projects in 6W

Finished projects in 6H.

Design and Technology week in yr6. Here are some of our amazing fairground rides, which we have created ourselves.

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Golden sticker awards for amazing work. Well done year 6, keep up with the hard work!

Design and Technology Week! We completed practical tasks of sawing wood, making pulley systems and attaching cardboard. We will use these skills during the week, when we complete our projects.

Black History day. Identity portraits all about us.

Our new topic Rise of the Robots

Our Industrial Revolution reports.