St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

New to Nursery (2020-2021)

Welcome to St John's Nursery!


We are delighted that your child will be joining us in September.


We will use this page to share transition updates and information that we think you will find useful for September. 


If you have an urgent enquiry please contact the school office


Telephone: 0121 675 1469

How will transition work at St John's Nursery?


Due Covid 19, we have changed our usual transition experience. Although this is far from ideal, we feel that it is a learning opportunity. Our intention is that we will be able to build relationships with you and your child to prepare us all for a wonderful year in Nursery while keeping you safe and healthy.  So here is the plan...


June/ July 2020

  • Our office team may contact you to check contact details.
  • One of our Nursery team will telephone you to welcome you to Nursery, respond to your questions, hopefully speak to your child, and ask some questions about your child.
  • We will ask you to send some photographs to help us prepare for September and make your child feel more at ease when they arrive.These photos are for internal use only.  Please email the following photographs to and with the subject as PHOTOS: YOUR CHILD'S NAME. 
  1. A headshot photograph of your child (face on). 
  2. A  full body photograph of your child (face on).
  3. A photo or selection of photos of your child's important people i.e close family. Usually, this would be the people who live in your child's home(s). Please name the people in the photos. 
  • We will send out an introduction video.
  • You and your child will be invited to a live Teams meeting with other children from Nursery** In preparation, you can download Microsoft Teams** We will offer a morning session and an afternoon session. You are welcome to attend one or both of the sessions. 


What should my child wear at Nursery?


  • Royal blue round neck sweatshirt - These are sold at Clive Marks with the school logo embroided on them. A plain royal blue round neck sweatshirt is also acceptable, which you may find from local supermarkets.
  • Own casual clothes (typically tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt)
  • Sensible shoes
  • Waterproof coat

Please ensure that all items are labelled with your child's name.


What else should my child bring to Nursery?

  • Book bag - These will be available at the office.
  • Spare clothes bag (including spare pants, socks, trousers, t-shirt, and jumper) - We recommend using a PE bag.

Please ensure that all items are labelled with your child's name.

How can I prepare my child for Nursery?



To support your child to settle into Nursery, it is helpful if they are developing the following skills:

  • Going to the toilet
  • Washing their hands
  • Dressing and undressing (especially using tricky buttons and zips)
  • Using a tissue (or the crease of an elbow)
  • Feeding themselves 
  • Tidying up.


Our team is very experienced in supporting children to develop self-care skills so please ask if you have any queries and concerns. We learn ourselves from speaking to parents and carers so please do share you tricks and tips with us too. 


Sing Nursery Rhymes

Research shows that singing Nursery rhymes supports speaking and listening skills and creates the building blocks for future learning.




Learning Nursery rhymes is considered one of the best ways to prepare your child to read too.



Please take a look at the Nursery Rhymes section of our website for song words, web links, and videos made y the staff like these:



Incy wincy spider 🕷 🌧🌞🕷

with Miss Ibbetson

Hickory dickory dock 🐁 🕰

with Miss Benton

Useful websites