St John's C of E Primary School


Week 13: Week Beginning 29th June 2020 


Good Morning Reception!


We hope you all had a lovely weekend and ready for a new exciting week of challenges. For some of you, we will be seeing you in school after 12 weeks of being away! The week 13 learning projects have been uploaded above. This week your projects are all about 'food'. Fred and Minion are waiting for you to complete some fun challenges. Remember to read your new books on 'reading planet'. Have a lovely week everyone! 


Stay safe and keep smiling 

Kind Regards

The Reception Team


Week 12: Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

Good Morning Reception!

Lets get ready for another week, looking at the weather forecast it's going to be lovely and sunny! This weeks learning projects (week 12) are uploaded above and it's all about 'transport'. What sort of transport have you been on? Fred and Minion are excited for you to join them, remember to do a challenge a day. Find out what books you have this week on 'reading planet' and check out the reception YouTube channel for your favourite storytime videos. 


Have a great week everyone :)

Keep smiling

The Reception Team 



Week 11: Week Beginning 15th June 2020


Happy Monday Reception!

We hope everyone is ready for another week of challenges. It's been 11 long weeks and we are all missing you all so very much, it has been so lovely seeing all the photos and messages sent to us on our RB and RH emails. The week 11 learning projects are uploaded above. This week the projects are all about 'space'. I don't know about you but I love learning all about space and what is out there! Minion and Fred cannot wait to see you complete their challenges and remember to read those books on 'reading planet'. We hope you have a lovely week and remember to keep up with all your hard work. We cannot wait to hear from you all, parents remember to pick up that no caller ID wink

Keep safe and keep smiling 

Kind Regards

The Reception Team 


Week 10: Week beginning 8th June 2020


Good morning Reception!

We hope everyone is well and ready for another exciting week of challenges. The weekly learning project is uploaded above. The theme this week is 'music' so make sure to have a look. Fred and Minion are excited to have you join them this week, make sure to complete the tasks each week. Also remember you have 2 new books this week on the brilliant 'Reading Planet' website. We will be checking to see you have accessed the books this week. It's been 10 weeks of quarantine and we really do miss you all so much. Keep going with your challenges and remember to stay positive. 


Keep safe and remember to smile! 

The Reception Team 


Week 9: Week Beginning 1st June 2020


Good morning Reception!

We hope you had a fantastic half term in the glorious sunshine and gave yourself (and your parents) a bit of a break. The Learning Projects (week 9) have been uploaded above so make sure to check them out! The theme is 'Around the World'. Fred and Minion have missed you lots and are waiting for you to join them this week. Also make sure you are reading your books on 'Reading Planet' as we will be checking you have kept up with your reading. 


Have a great week and remember to keep smiling! 

The Reception Team

Week 7: Week Beginning 18th May 


Good Morning Reception!

We hope everyone had a lovely weekend and are ready to smash week 7! Learning projects are uploaded above. Fred and Minion are very excited to share their challenges with you this week. We have also got some lovely storytime videos for you to watch. We hope you have been accessing our brand new 'Reading Planet' website. If you haven't make sure you check it out this week. Remember to keep smiling, we know isolation is tough but we WILL get through this!!! 


We cannot wait to hear how you all are this week, remember if you are showing super work you might get a golden sticker or even, 'star of the week' so keep up the hard work. 


Keep safe and keep smiling 

The Reception Team 



Week 6: Week Beginning 11th May 


Good Morning Reception! 

We hope you are all safe and well. 


Happy Monday! 

We hope you have had a great VE day on Friday and a lovely weekend.

Let's start week 6 of home learning. Fred and Minion are looking forward to having fun with you this week. This weeks learning projects have been uploaded above.

I wanted to share a poem with you written by Amelia in RB. I hope it will make you smile. 

Have a great week, have fun and keep smiling. 


Take care and stay safe. 

The Reception Team.

How to access Reading Planet

Centre ID is: 199591

Hello Reception, just a quick reminder to check parentmail and access this video below, which tells you all about 'Reading Planet'. This is an exciting new resource where your child can access 2 new books each week, assigned by their teacher. Your login number will be on the packs but any queries contact either the RH email or RB email.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week.
Stay safe
The Reception Team

Cheer Up!

To all the families of St Johns; Stay Safe! Our next Collective Worship video is coming out soon, so keep your eyes open! Music: Mr Blue Sky by Electric Ligh...

Hello Reception!


A quick reminder that on Friday it is VE day: Victory in Europe Day. It marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany in Europe came to an end. This year we are launching a 'bunting competition'. 

The theme is peace. Here are some ideas for how you could decorate it:

  • write the word peace and decorate it
  • draw things that make you feel peaceful
  • draw symbols which mean peace
  • write a poem about peace
  • write a prayer about peace

You can stick things on, or create it on the computer, paint it or draw it. We don't mind - be creative!

A bunting template is provided below or, just draw a triangle on A4 paper. 

Good Luck! 

The Reception Team

Week 5: Week Beginning 04.05.20 


Good Morning Lovely Reception!

Right let's start week 5! Can you believe it's been 5 weeks? We are missing you all so much and cannot wait to talk to you this week. Have you managed to watch the St John's cheer up video? It's fab!! Here is the link;


Make sure to complete the Minion Maths Challenges and Fred's Phonics Challenges. The learning project this week is all about 'environments' so have a go at a few tasks every day. Check out the new story time videos as well, there are some questions you need to answer so make sure you are listening!

We look forward to hearing from you this week. 

Stay safe and keep smiling! 

The Reception Team 


Week 4: Week Beginning Monday 27th April 2020

Happy Monday! 

We hope you have had a lovely weekend. Perhaps, if you are lucky enough to have a garden, you got to enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine.

Let's start week 4 of home learning. Fred and Minion are looking forward to having fun with you this week. This weeks learning projects have been uploaded above.

Have a great week, have fun and keep smiling. 


Take care and stay safe. 

The Reception Team.

Week 3: Week Beginning Monday 20th April 2020 

Good morning Reception! 

Welcome back, I hope you are all safe and keeping well. I hope you have had a wonderful Easter break and have managed to relax a little. All the team at St John’s are missing you all dearly. 

This weeks learning projects have been uploaded, along with your daily Fred phonics challenges and Minion maths challenges too. Remember to check the school YouTube channel too for more staff stories, collective worships and singing videos. 

Have a great week, have fun and keep smiling. laugh


Take care and stay safe. 

The Reception Team.

Week 2: Week Beginning 30.03.20

Good Morning Reception!

Let's get ready for Week 2. This week you will be thinking about 'the area you live in'. Make sure to complete as many tasks as you can, we can't wait to hear how you are getting on when we call you this week.

As well as the learning projects, we would like you to complete our daily 'Minion Maths Challenge' and 'Fred's Phonics Challenges'! You can find these posted in the stars above. Are you up for the challenge?? We hope so!

Fred and Minion would love for you to email your challenges to your class email. 


Take care, stay safe and have fun!

The Reception Team.

Week 1: Week Beginning 23.03.20

Good Morning Reception! 

I hope you are going to have a fantastic Monday.

Please look at the learning tasks this week which is all about 'my family'. We cannot wait to hear all about your projects the next few weeks. 

Today I would like you to look at 'espresso' - foundation - literacy - phonics. 

Have a browse at the 'scrap' phonic videos, we'd love to know what your children think. 

 login: student5033

password: stjohns


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