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Week Beginning 23rd November 2020

Week beginning 23rd November

Good morning Year 2, if you learning at home, try the following tasks over the week.



Our focus will be on non-fiction books. Read all about penguins and answer the questions.

Log onto reading planet every day, read a book and do the quiz.

Click on the link if you need help logging on:



Practise these sounds over the week. Try the tricky tasks.


Learn to spell these words. Try writing a sentence with each word. Only try 4 per day.

after           father          class           grass                    

past            water         again           path                     

last            fast           plant            move                      

plant           half           pass            bath



Try some of these challenges! (Maths1,2,3 Tasks)

Do you know your x times tables?

Ask someone at home test you!


Watch these videos to help you :


Have a go at playing these cool maths games.

Play Chopper Squad (one more, one less/10more,10 less)

Play Blast Off (addition and subtraction skills)


Play Karate Cats



Watch these video about Penguins

Write two facts about penguins.

Have a good week! 


Mrs Bata and Miss Forrest


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