St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10


Sesame Street: Respect | Word on the Street

The word on the street this week is respect: treating people the way you want to be treated. Everyone understands the importance of respect, little kids, Sup...

1. Zaccheus the Tax Collector

In today's Collective worship we thought about who we respect and discussed what were good reasons (and not so good reasons!) for respecting people. Watch this video link to see how Jesus treated others. It is taken from the New Testament, Luke chapter 19.

Zacchaeus a tax collector (Bible Story)

Zacchaeus was a greedy tax collector who cheated his brothers many times, until he met Jesus, who turned Zacchaeus' life around.

2. Moses and the Ten Commandments


In today's assembly, we learned about Moses and the Ten Commandments. This can be found in the Old Testament in the Christian Holy book, the Bible, in Exodus 20. 1-17.

Moses is a prophet in Judaism, Islam and Christianity. A prophet is someone who listened to God and spoke for God. 


In the New Testament, Jesus spoke about a commandment that has two parts. He said that people should love God, and love others. 


Moses and the 10 Commandments

Watch other amazing Bible Stories like Birth of Jesus, Cain ad Abel, Noahs Ark, Joseph, Moses and many more - The Bible tells us that G...

Look at the 10 commandments and think about these questions:


If you followed what Jesus said, and loved God and loved others, do you think you would then be keeping the 10 commandments too?


Which of the commandments is hardest for you to keep?


Which commandments tell us to respect God?


How else do the 10 commandments expect us to show respect?

3. Respect and Diwali

Respect - following the Golden Rule

Life Lessons sharing and respecting others

Respecting the world and everything in it