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The saxophone: jazz and pop cover songs 13.5.24

The saxophone

A saxophone is an instrument that is made of brass and often just called a "sax".  However, it is not a true brass instrument but a member of the woodwind family of instruments because it has a reed. It was developed from the clarinet. The player blows into a reed fitted into the mouthpiece of the instrument. 

There are several different kinds of saxophone and they all have a different pitch. The baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano are commonly used. 

It was invented in 1842 by Aldolphe Sax and is used in classical, jazz, rock and pop music.  

Here are some pieces of music where you can hear the saxophone covering pop songs and also playing the jazz standard ‘Misty’.

Can't help falling in love - Haley Reinhart (sax cover Graziatto)

Misty | Baritone Saxophone Solo

Hallelujah in the style of Pentatonix (bari sax cover)