St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10


For Topic this week you need some fruit and vegetables – e.g. a carrot, a cucumber, strawberries or grapes are ideal.


Monday - Developing design ideas

In this practical lesson, we will develop our ideas further, considering tools and equipment that we have to make our healthy lunch. We will also order the main stages of making to help us plan for when we make our own healthy lunch.

Watch the video first:

You need an adult to watch you if you are going to cut up the vegetables using the claw or bridge method. Do not do this part if you do not have an adult to help you.

Go to BGFL, shared files, click on your class folder and the file called Mon Sandwich Ordering for your task.


Tuesday - Using ingredients to create your ideas

For this lesson you need ingredients to make a sandwich.

In this lesson, we will make our own healthy sandwich. We will make sure that we are working safely and hygienically using a range of ingredients.

Watch the video first:

Before you eat your sandwich ask two people to taste it and ask them these questions:

Take a photo of your sandwich and make a note of their answers as you will need these for tomorrow’s lesson.


Wednesday: RE Unit 4 Fairness and Justice

7.  How do Sikhs try to make the world a fairer place?

Explore the Langar – a community kitchen within the Gurdwara which serves food to all. Go to to watch the video and research the langar. Then answer these questions:

Why are there 4 doors on each side?

Who is welcome to eat?

What can non-Sikhs learn about the ritual of Langar? 

Create a poster to present all your information.


Thursday: World Book Day

Dragonfruit trees feature in the book The Boy Who Grew Dragons

Follow this link to find out more about dragon fruit Then, using a range of different exotic fruits. Here are some ideas – passionfruit, guava, jackfruit, physalis. Can you present your research as a poster?

Then take these quizzes to test your own fruit knowledge:


Friday: Spanish

Saying it is or isn't a certain pet

In this lesson, we will recap un/una and the names of six pets. We will learn how to say if it is/isn't a certain pet.

Go to BGFL, shared files, click on your class folder and the file called Spanish Is It Pets. Choose two pets and then you need to write two sentences in Spanish.