St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10


This is our last week of our "Feel the Force" topic. Can you complete any tasks from this sheet?




Let’s look at Mrs Hedges’ Music of the Week!


Music of the Kings and Queens 

"I was glad"  is traditionally sung in a Christian church as an anthem if a British Monarch has a Coronation (when they are officially crowned King or Queen). It has been set to music by different composers. This one is by Hubert Parry (1902) for King Edward VII – it was also sung at the wedding for William and Kate. 


I was glad – Hubert Parry (this is footage of William and Kate’s wedding) (this one is Queen Elizabeth’s coronation – harder to hear as the commentator talks over it… need to watch from 22.40 mins for the anthem) 


In class, we are investigating friction.

Log onto Espresso. Click on the Key Stage 2 tab, Science, Forces. Watch the videos about forces, gravity and friction.


Then complete these three quizzes:

Friction, Which picture?, Gravity: complete the sentence.


You could use a toy car (or something similar) to try this experiment at home:

Go to BGFL, shared files, friction experiment for the instructions.

Which material caused the most friction?

Which material caused the least friction?