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Tenor - Alfie Boe 30.1.23


Alfie Boe (born 29 September 1973) is an English tenor and actor. He studied as an opera singer but is most well-known for his performances in musical theatre. 

He is best known for his performances as Jean Valjean in the musical Les Misérables. 


He has recorded and released music and has sold more than one million albums in the United Kingdom. 


A tenor is a type of classical male singing voice. The range of a tenor lies between the countertenor and baritone voice. It is the highest male chest voice type (a countertenor sings in head voice). 


A baritone sings a lower set of notes but isn’t as low as a bass. Listen to Alfie Boe duetting with Michael Ball. Alfie is a tenor and so sings at a higher pitch than Michael who is a baritone.  

Alfie Boe sings 'Bring Him Home' @ The O2 25th Anniversary Concert

Alfie Boe - You'll Never Walk Alone - VE Day 2015

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face