St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Remote Learning


Please complete the following lessons today. Save your work to your pupil files or complete it on paper and bring it in on Monday. Remember to click on the edit button in the corner to access the work saved on BGFL . Google seems to work better for this. Please try and complete all the work set.


Maths - Coordinates and shape quiz

Complete the following quiz all about shape and coordinates. 

Watch these video first to remind you what you need to do:

Video 1:

Video 2:


Click the corner of the page to move to the next question and then save to your pupil file.

You can also complete the quiz online by using the following codes.

Click on this link and then enter your classes code.




English - 500 word short story about the Blitz.

This week we have been writing our short stories about the Blitz. I would like you to continue with these. You should all be on the dilemma, resolution and closing stages now. Think about what could go wrong. It could be that your shelter has been destroyed or you get lost on the way to the Public shelter. Remember to use show not tell, your senses to add lots of fantastic description and some speech to advance the action. 

Watch these videos to remind you of what life was like during the Blitz.

Video 1:

Video 2:

You can write this on paper or online in J2Write and save it to your files. 


Reading Plus

You must all log onto Reading Plus today for 40 mins. We will be checking that you have done this throughout the day. 



Watch this video all about nouns and pronouns then complete the worksheets below:

Worksheet 1: Expected

Worksheet 2: Challenging

If you are isolating, please email or call the school and then your teacher will email you with some home learning to do. 


phone: 0121 675 1469

This remote learning is for children who are self-isolating and unable to attend school. For homework, please go back to the Year 6 home page and select the button called "Homework".

Essential Links


Reading Planet:


The Centre ID is 199591


TT Rockstars:

Home learning Week beginning 29th November 2021:

Hello to everybody who is not in school this week. We hope you are feeling ok and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon. Remember – you don’t have to work from home if you feel too poorly – this work is for people who are feeling well but are unable to come to school for another reason (such as isolating).

 (Please keep checking back as more work will be added throughout the week, and don't forget to spend time on Reading Plus and TT Rockstars)


Improper fractions to mixed numbers

Please watch this video:

Then complete these questions. Here are some more challenging ones. The digits are a bit bigger so drawing bar models may be time consuming - simply divide the top number by the bottom number! Any remainders simply need to be placed over the denominator as the fraction part of your mixed number.


Can you learn all of the facts on your knowledge organiser for Rise of The Robots? Ask an adult to test you! Perhaps take a different section each day throughout the week? Perhaps you could make note to help you learn. You could then turn your notes into an eye-catching information poster.



Use all of your spelling tactics to practise this week's spellings! Rainbow words, Pyramid words, write the word backwards.... you decide!