St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10


Children’s Mental Health Week


Monday PHSE

What does mental health mean?

Introduction to Children’s Mental Week and the theme Express Yourself! makes you feel good?

How you do something can be more important than how well you do it.

Can you draw a heart about you? Express yourself! Your heart should be different everyone else’s. It should be an expression of yourself. What colours do you like?

Think about the colours you can use. Colours are linked to feelings and emotions like these:

Watch this video which explores the link between art and feelings and emotions to help you design your own heart.

Make a key next to your heart to show what each colour means to you.

Here are some examples:


You can draw your own heart and a key or you can print a template here:


Tuesday – PHSE Being positive –Growth Mindset

You will need a jar /box/ container, strips of paper and a pencil.

We need to discover who we are, gain self-awareness, and learn how to express ourselves. Write yourself some positive affirmations to express (show) who you are. Positive affirmations are things you say that can help you to challenge and overcome negative thoughts. When you repeat them and believe in them, you can start to make positive changes. Here are some examples you could use:

Write more than 10 positive affirmations on separate strips of paper. You can make them as colourful and unique as you are. Fill your jar or container with the affirmations and choose one. Repeat it out loud every day to fill yourself with positivity and to celebrate how wonderful you are! Then draw a person in the middle of a piece of paper or you can print and cut out this template:  Place all your positive affirmations around yourself to create an Express Yourself piece of artwork! Upload a photo of it to the assignment page on TEAMS. Here is an example of how to begin:



Wednesday - RE Fairness and Justice Theme

5. Can we heal the world?

We have explored in past RE lessons how we can ‘mend’ a broken world. This man, Danny Wallace believes we can mend the world with kindness.


He asked people to perform a 'Random Act of Kindness' every Friday. As a result,  thousands of people without warning, made people happier all over the country. He believes it is the secret to a happier world! You have the power to make it a nicer place! All over the planet, thousands of people just like you are performing Random Acts of Kindness for complete strangers- Buy an old lady a hat! Give a policeman a helium balloon! Pat a dog! Hand a stranger your umbrella! Applaud a lady who's clearly made an effort! So now you’re your turn to start making your world the nicer place, today!

Use this template to write 4 different Random Acts of Kindness you could do either during or after lockdown. You could draw your own kindness designs for your random act of kindness.   

If we put all the acts together we would have over 200 random acts of kindness to mend the world!



Thursday and Friday

Do something as a family! You have to take time to focus on mental health and it is important to learn how we can all be proactive about our mental health. Choose activities to promote your own and your families’ positive mental well-being.

All children at St John’s have the same activities this week so siblings or whole families can work together on an activity that is positive for your well-being - the activities are linked to the 5 ways to Wellbeing.

View the choice of activities here:

Think about what you would like to do and why. Share your pictures and we will put them up on the website.