St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10



Make sure you go onto reading planet and read one of your assigned books. Then check that you have had a go at your spellings for today. 



Today, you need to design an advert for your moving monster. You can create a poster which will persuade people that they want to buy your product. 

Here is a checklist of things you will need to include:


  • Name - make sure it is bold and bright so people know what the product is called.

  • Statement - tell people what your product is and what it can do.

  • Eye-catching design - use bright colours to catch the customer's attention.

  • Adjectives - persuade your customers that this is something they really want. Is it amazing? It is incredible? Is it cool? Is it fun? Try putting 2 adjectives together. For example: This amazing, cool product will have your children entertained for hours!

  • Catchy slogan - a phrase that helps people remember your product. You could try using words with the same letter (alliteration) to make it stand out: monster magic or marvellous monster

  • Price - make sure it sounds like a good price or that they are getting a great deal (Only £ one, get one half price!)

Always remember to use full stops and capital letters. The name of your product is a proper noun and so it needs a capital!



Watch the video clip and use it to retrieve (find) information out about Hadrian's wall.

Answer the questions below:

(The numbers in brackets tell you what time you can find the answers if you are getting stuck!)

L.O: To retrieve information from non-fiction 

     To make sensible predictions based on prior knowledge and facts 

1. (0:36) In which part of Britain s Hadrian’s Wall situated? Circle one:  

Southern         Eastern               Northern         Western 

2. (0:41) Who built the wall?  

3. (0:50) How many miles long is Hadrian’s wall?  

4. (1:05) How many soldiers built the wall? 

5.  How long did it take to build? 

6. Predict what you think the wall might have been used for  

7. (1:26) Name 3 reasons why historians think the wall was built:  

8. Who helped preserve the wall?  

The Romans             John Clayton            Hadrian 


Here is a word document of the reading comprehension if you want to print it out. It can also be found on your BGFL account. Click on shared documents and open Wednesday reading comprehension.


Watch this short animation about Spiro, a young Roman soldier.


It is a funny cartoon about Dum Spiro, a messenger who has been asked by Caesar to take a message to The Barbarians. The problem is he is stopped in his tracks by a huge fierce bear living in the woods. 

Not all of the weapons are things that would have been around in Roman times (although I don't think you found bears sweeping up and doing chores in the woods either!).


When you have watched it, create a story map to show what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story. If you don't want to use the template, you can make your own comic strip. Draw a picture for each part and write some notes about what happened. Use the story map to retell the story to someone that you live with.


Watch the film again from yesterday and look back at your story map to remind yourself what happened.


In Spiro, there are 3 main characters. Spiro, the General and the Bear. Can you draw a picture of each character and label it with adjectives to describe their appearance (what they look like)? Remember to watch the video again and use the story for ideas.


Now think about how these characters would act. Can you add adverbs and a verb to your characters to describe their personality (how they behave)?

Spiro frantically runs.

He nervously talks to the General.

Spiro quietly creeps to the bear.


If you can't think of any adverbs, go to the spelling page for this week and look at the work you did on Tuesday. You could use some of these words in your writing.