St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10


Thursday 6th May


Register is at 1pm on TEAMS (calendar)

3S - Wild Things Reading (TEAMS) at 9am

Willy Wonkas Reading (TEAMS) at 9.30am



All colour groups except silver: Compare fractions

  1. Watch the video first:
  2. Complete the sheet on the BGFL (shared files, compare fractions):
  3. Complete 10 minutes on TT Rockstars Jammin’ division only 4 times table.


Silver Group:

10 times table

  1. Watch the video first:
  2. Listen to the 10 times table song and practise the activities:
  3. Complete the questions on the BGFL (shared files, 10 times table)
  4. Practise the 10 times table on TT Rockstars Jammin' (both multiplication and division).



Science: Light and shadows:


Go to the BGFL, shared files, light and shadows.

There are three sheets where you need to read information, watch videos, complete quizzes and complete activities. You need a sunny day to complete the fourth page, don’t worry if it is a cloudy day!



Log onto the BGFL. On the grid/squares page click on the J2blast square. Click on Spelling blast, choose have a practice. Move the toggle until it says Yr 3 and 4 and then click on the +.



Complete the spelling quiz called suffixes:



Remember there are lots of links to online activities under the Whole School Online Resources tab here on the St John's website.

Have a great day!