St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

2B Tuesday 17th November 2020


Tuesday 17th November 2020

Good morning 2B!

Today is our last in in isolation! We can’t wait to see you all bright and early tomorrow morning.


Tasks for Today

Please upload your work to JIT5 /Teams or you can take a photo and email it to us at


Let’s start our last day at home with a Go Noodle!




 Today we are looking at the tion and sion  sound. Can you think of any words with tion or sion in them? Make a list.





Watch Charlie’s Super Hero Underpants

Did you like the book?  Why?

Is it a fiction or non-fiction book?

Who is the main character in the story?

Draw your favourite part of the story.



How Coyote Brought Fire to the Earth

Watch another lesson on this interesting book and try the tasks at the end. 

Tell a story from memory:


Reading Planet

Log onto reading planet, read a book and do the quiz.

Click on the link if you need help logging on:



Today we are learning about our number bonds.

Watch the video and complete the worksheet




TT Rockstar challenge! Can you beat Miss Brittle? Click on multiplayer and then rockslam and look to see who has challenged you. Miss Brittle is Ella Riddle.



Watch these videos to learn about Antarctica. Have go at some of the activities.

Have a good day! 

We'll see you all tomorrow!

Mrs Bata and Miss Brittle