St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Week beginning 30.11.20

We hope you have had a relaxing weekend. Here is the work for the week - we are missing you loads!


You should aim to do about 4 pieces of work a day. Once you have completed one, send it to your teacher, upload it to Teams or save it to BGFL. Any problems, just email Mrs Hughes:




Monday: Adding mixed numbers


Tuesday: Adding fractions


Wednesday: Subtracting mixed numbers


Thursday: Subtracting fractions


Friday: Mixed addition and subtraction





Monday: To explore simple and complex sentences


Tuesday: To explore complex sentences


Wednesday: To explore relative clauses


Thursday: To explore fronted adverbials


Friday: To explore non-finite subordinate clauses


TT Rockstars


Spend 20 minutes a day trying to beat your top score.




  1. Reading Planet:
  2. Read to a parent or guardian EVERY day for 20 minutes.




In class, we have been writing about Origins. Watch the clip again ( and then create a piece of art that represents the film.

Some ideas: 

- Go in to your garden and find some leaves, dry them out and then create a collage.

- Draw a picture of the factory using perspective -




Last week, we looked at the Qu'ran in Islam and why it is sacred to Muslims. This week, we are going to create some calligraphy work. 

Watch the video:

Choose a name of Allah (scroll down to the bottom of this page) and copy it. You can also create a beautiful background.




What are the countries of Europe:


What are the physical features of Europe: