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Happy Easter Holidays year 3!

Today is the start of the Easter Holidays. We hope you have a nice break. Please have some time to play in your garden or have a walk outside (with an adult), play with your toys, help make some food for your family, build a den, draw some pictures and chill out. We have put together some optional activities for you to do if you want to:



Learn the Spanish alphabet!

Reading Bingo:

Try to complete a row over the Easter break. If you’re really up for the challenge, try and complete the whole grid!

Write a diary as if you are one of the characters from your book.

Draw a new front cover for one of your favourite books.

Design an outfit that you think one of the characters in your story would like to wear

Write a book review about one of the books you have read.

You are hiring one of your characters from your book. Can you design a job advert? For example, an advert for a wizard if you’ve been reading Harry Potter.

Create a new hero for a book.

Identify 5 unknown words in your book and word zap to find the meaning.

Write a letter to your favourite character in your book.

Paint a picture of your favourite setting in a book you have read.

Find synonyms for the word said in your book

Make a book review vlog where you record your thoughts on your book in a video.

Create a new villain for your book. What do they look like, sound like, act like and wear?

Compare yourself to one of the characters in your book. Can you compare using a Venn Diagram?

Spend 15 minutes each day on read theory.

Make yourself a new bookmark. These book corner animals are brilliant:


Year 3 Youtube channel:

St John’s Yotube channel:




Friday 3rd April

Hello year 3. This is the last day of home learning before the Easter holidays begin. I have done some Easter activities for you and a maths lesson to help you practise the grid method over the holidays. Don’t worry though, Mrs Smith and I will post some project work for you to do each week so you have something to do.

We will check in on teams sometimes but won’t be available everyday like we have been. We will be back to setting daily online learning on Monday 20th April.

It’s celebration assembly today!!

Mrs Seymour has posted a video on the YouTube channel. Click here to see it: You can message her on teams to tell her what you think. I know she would love to know your thoughts.

Daily Exercise

Which of Mr H-E’s challenges have you tried from the YouTube channel? I’ve done this one: and got 22. Can you beat me?


Follow this link to read the Easter story:

Then click here:   I have given you some comprehension questions to answer. REMEMBER TO CLICK EDIT IN THE TOP, LEFT CORNER SO YOU CAN EDIT THE DOCUMENT. We will be checking files to see your work.

More Easter activities

I have posted a YouTube video online to help you make an origami egg. Can you think of a bright, colourful design to put on your egg? They represent new life. Christians remember new life at Easter because it is a time when Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead. They call it his resurrection.

YouTube Easter egg origami:


I have posted some videos about multiplying by 10s and 100s. Make sure you have watched these videos first. Now we’re going to move onto using the grid method to help up multiply larger numbers. It takes some practise to get right so keep persevering.

Have a go at these questions once you have watched the video:

2 x 32

3 x 17

4 x 22

8 x 16

2 x 48

3 x 24

4 x 36

5 x 15


Thursday 2nd April

Have a look at the Year 3 St John's Youtube channel.

Spanish - learn some new Spanish words and then go to BGFL J2webby and complete the table to show what food you like and don't like. Upload onto the J2e. 

English - Read a magazine: National Geographic Kids have published their latest fact-filled magazine. Read it here and create your own persuasive wild animal adoption advert or choose a country and research the exciting animals that live there (just like these examples from the magazine).


Maths - Shape - Complete the tables to describe 2D and 3D shapes. You can choose which table to complete!

RE - On J2webby and Youtube there is an interactive rainbow prayer for Easter. Display your rainbow to inspire others to have hope.

Wednesday 1st April

Today’s tasks:

Good morning year 3.

Daily exercise: Mr H-E has posted some challenge videos on the St John’s Youtube channel. Which one will you try?

Spellings: Keep practising your spellings on J2Blast.

Reading: Can you write a book review on J2e5 please? Try answering these questions about your book:



Who are the characters?

What has happened in the story so far?

What do you think will happen next?

Maths: Go to the Youtube channel where I have uploaded the next maths lesson video:

Try these quick questions first:

3 x 30=

4 x 50 =

2 x 800=

5 x 600 =

Have a go at these word problems using the method of using the times tables you know and then thinking about what the answer would be if it was 10 times bigger or 100 times bigger.

Mrs Smith Easter baking shop


8 delicious, gooey brownies in a box.

Creme Eggs

5 creme eggs in each box

Bags of mini eggs

10 mini eggs in a bag

Easter cupcakes

3 cupcakes in a box

  1. Mrs Hedges puts in an order at the shop. She would like 50 boxes of creme eggs. How many creme eggs would she have all together?
  1. Mrs Kirby puts in an order for Easter cupcakes. She would like 20 boxes to share with her family. How many cakes does she have altogether?
  1. Miss Forrest would like some yummy brownies for her wedding. She needs 40 boxes to share with the guests. How many brownies does she have altogether?
  1. Mrs Seymour loves mini eggs! She would like 70 bags to share with the teachers. How many mini eggs would she have altogether?


We have learnt about the different parts of a plant and flower and we know what they need to grow. Today, got to espresso and see if you can learn more about the life cycle of a plant. Once you have watched the videos, have a go at the quiz about plant life cycles, here:

Tuesday 31st March

Easter week: Normally, at school we would be doing Easter activities. Whilst you are at home, you could bake some Easter brownies (with help from an adult). Look on our YouTube channel for a video to help you. Remember the eggs represent new life and new beginnings.


Spelling - have a go at J2blast. There is a video  on the Year 3 St John's YouTube channel to help you.


English - Improve your vocabulary using Vocabulary Ninja's words of the week. They are: heap, invisible, trick, stretch, cutlery, speckle, peckish, luminous, incinerate, linger. 

Can you word zap these words and put them in a sentence. Upload onto J2e.


Maths  - make a bar chart on Jit5 of the flowers you can find.


Answers for Ordering Numbers Home Learning Pack



Here's week 2 of our project called The area you live in, if you run out of things to do:


Monday 30th March

Hello year 3,

Today’s tasks:

9:00am- Morning exercise! Mr H-E has put together some brilliant activities together for you here: Pick something that you’d like to try.

Maths: Head over to the year 3 Youtube channel. Multiplying by 10s and 100s maths lesson:

Here are some questions for you to have a go at:


4 x 3 =


5 x 4 =

7 x 2 =

3 x 5 =

2 x 4 =

2 x 8 =

4 x 30 =


5 x 40 =

7 x 20 =

3 x 50 =

2 x 40 =

2 x 80 =

4 x 300 =


5 x 400 =

7 x 200 =

3 x 500 =

2 x 400 =

2 x 800 =



Spelling: Can you proofread (that’s a posh word for check) these sentences to make sure they’re correct? Look at for those tricky homophones. Either write the sentences on paper, or on J2e5.

It’s nice to meat you.

I hear that you are walking home.

Would you like meet and vegetables for tea?

If your laces get in a not, you have to undo them carefully.

It’s not fare that I can’t have all of the chocolate.

Reading: Read your book for 20 minutes. Can you answer these questions? Who are the characters? What are they like? How would you describe them? Can you describe their personality and how they look?

Topic: Last week, we learnt about the different parts of a plant and their functions. Next, watch this video: Can you answer this question:

‘What do plants need to grow?’

Now, word zap the word ‘anatomy’. What does it mean? Then watch this following video: Can you remember any of the scientific names for the parts of the flower?

Did you manage to pick a flower over the weekend? If you did, go to the Youtube channel and Mrs Kirby will show you how to dissect your flower.

Flower dissection on Youtube:

If you don't have a flower to dissect, try and have a go at labelling the different parts of the flower; they have posh scientific names!  REMEMBER to click ‘edit’ in the top, left corner so you can type of the page.

Friday 27th March

Today's Tasks


Relax over the weekend with rainbow breaths or have a brain break with the dinosaur stomp!

Thursday 26th March

Hello year 3,

Today’s tasks:

9:00am- Joe Wickes work out! Link here :

Maths: Follow this link and watch the learning video: under the video, you will see blue writing that says ‘Today’s Tasks, Y3 & Y4’. Click on it and it will give you some activities to complete. You can do these on paper and then send an email to Mrs Smith or Mrs Kirby with your picture attached. Remember to go to the little paperclip icon to send an email with an attachment. Or you could complete the activity on J2e5 so we can see it. The answers will be shown on the same website tomorrow.

Spelling: Today we’re going to continue with homophones. Practise spelling these homophones:

meet  meat

hear    here

knot    not Watch this video to remind yourself about homophones.

Can you find anymore homophones? Make a list on J2e5 and save it so we can see. On paper or on J2e5, make up a sentence to go with each word to help you remember. For example, ‘There’s an ear in hear’. Draw a picture to help you remember too.

Topic tasks:

You should have all watched this video and taken some research notes about the different parts of a flower and its function. Go to this link: . There you can complete the sheet by labelling the plant and writing about the function of each part. Function is a posh word for what each part does. Click on the 'Edit' button in the top, left-hand corner to complete the activity. 

Next week, we will be learning the scientific names for the parts of the flower. Over the weekend, see if you can pick a flower from your garden (with permission from an adult) so we can dissect it. Remember to keep the flower in water.

Don’t forget you have your weekly project called ‘My Family’ to carry on with too. Save any project work you have completed on J2e5 too.


We miss you lots, 


Mrs Smith and Mrs Kirby 

Year 3 -  Make sure you are staying in contact with Mrs Smith and Mrs Kirby. You can tell us about the learning you are doing at home or just to have a chat! Contact us using BGFL J2e, BGFL Teams or by BGFL Mail (email).


Today's Tasks: Wednesday 25th March 

Spelling: Choose 5 of your spellings. Practise them using spelling strategies.

Reading: Read a chapter of your book.Thinking about new vocabulary, can you use different words for a word? Can you find a synonym (alternative word) or antonym (word with the opposite meaning) using a thesaurus?

Writing: Write a story where the characters are different plants and flowers. Can you use alliteration e.g. Donna Daffodil, Fatima Fern? Try using fronted adverbials e.g. Under the shaded tree..., In the sunshine...

Maths: Work on the next page in you home learning booklet.

Look on our new Youtube channel: Year 3 St John's.

Spelling Strategies

Tuesday 24th March

Hello year 3,

Today’s tasks:

9:00am- Jo Wickes work out! Link here :

Maths: Please do the next page of your maths home learning pack. It looks like this:

The word ‘ascending’ means that the number are going up, they’re increasing, they’re getting larger. E.g. 210, 221, 256.

We will post the answers for each page next week so that you can mark it. If you get stuck, then you can message us on teams or send us an email.

Reading: Please also log into Read Theory and do 20 minutes of comprehension practise.

Topic tasks: Follow the link to this video:

Can you make research notes of J2e5 about the different parts of the plants and their function (what they do)? Then save them so we can have a look. Remember, you will earn points for your hard work!

Don’t forget you have your weekly project called ‘My Family’ to carry on with too. Save any project work you have completed on J2e5 too.

From Mrs Smith and Mrs Kirby :) 


Hello all, 

This is a guide to access teams for all children who weren't in school when we taught everyone how to use it. I have saved the guide in J2webby on the BGfL page. Here is how to get to the guide on J2webby:

Log onto BGfL as normal. Then click on the J2Webby tile. Once on that page, click 'blogs' to see the latest post with the guide to teams. Hope this helps :)


Mrs Kirby and Mrs Smith 


Brilliant Botanist Topic Homework

Brilliant Botanist Topic Homework 1

Week 1 Overview of Tasks


  • Home Learning Pack - first page on ordering numbers (answers posted next week for self marking)


  • Learning Project Week 1 Monday: My Family
    • Maths: 20 mins on Soundcheck on TT Rockstars or Timestable booklet.
    • Spelling: Practise the Year 3/4 Spellings using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check process.
    • Reading: Read one of your books and discuss what you have read together.
    • Writing: Write a recount of your day. This could be in the form of a diary.
    • Be active: Joe Wicks 'The Body Coach' has lots of videos for kids on Youtube. Take part in one of his live workouts at 9am every weekday on Youtube.


  • Weekly Task: New topic - Brilliant Botanists!
    • Word Zap 'botanist'.
    • Art - On the internet find Vincent Van Gogh's painting called the Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers. Draw your own version of this painting.
    • More weekly Brilliant Botanist tasks posted soon!
    • Coming soon....learn Spanish!


Remember year 3, save your work on J2e. Mrs Smith and Mrs Kirby are looking forward to some fabulous home learning. You can always email or contact us via Teams on the BGFL too. We are here for you!