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England - 3 Lions 12.7.21

This week we are are coming home to England as we made it to the final, playing against Italy at Wembley.

"Three Lions", (which is sometimes also called "It's Coming Home" or "Football's Coming Home") is a song by English comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner and the rock band Lightning Seeds. You might have heard of Baddiel... he has wrote a whole set of children's books: The parent agency, The person controller and Animalcolm are a few of them.


The song was released on 20 May 1996, to mark the England football team's taking part in the UEFA European Championship, which England was also hosting. England was knocked out in the semi-final on a penalty shoot out... which allowed Germany to get through to the final, which they then went on to win.


Unlike other football songs, the lyrics talk about the disappointment and hope of being a football fan. It is called 3 Lions because of the emblem of the England team.


Ian Broudie (who wrote the melody) didn't want to have football players sing on the song, saying he did not want it to be "England-istic" or nationalistic. He said it was more about "being a football fan, which, for 90% of the time, is losing" 

Baddiel said the song was "really about magical thinking. About assuming we are going to lose, reasonably, based on experience, but hoping that somehow we won’t.” 

Three Lions (Football's Coming Home) (Official Video)