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From Nursery phonics is taught through the use of Letters and Sounds phase 1. Then children begin to learn set 1 sounds following the Nursery Read Write Inc. handbook. In Reception, children learn phonics through the Read, Write Inc. scheme, and this is then continued into Y1, and Y2. Alongside the Read Write Inc. scheme, red words, which can’t be decoded, are taught within phonics lessons. These words are planned out and coincide with the red words that children will need to recognise when reading sound appropriate books; this allows for children learning to read to feel successful when faced with words that can’t be decoded and also allows them to apply their knowledge of known sounds. Children follow the ORT reading scheme and also have access to supplementary books. Across school we use a range of reading schemes and texts which incorporate fiction and non-fiction texts. Guided reading is also an integral part of our English curriculum, where groups of children engage with a number of carefully planned sessions working with a teacher, teaching assistant or independently, exploring the meaning of the books being read.

What is phonics?

This is a parent support video to explain a little more about phonics at St John's.

Sound buttons

A guide to using sound buttons when learning phonics.

Set 1 sounds

Here you will find out how to pronounce each sound.

Set 2 Sounds

Learn how to pronounce the set 2 sounds.

Set 3 sounds

Learn how to pronounce the set 3 sounds.

Year 1 additional sounds

Here are some additional tricky sounds that are in the year 1 curriculum.

Red words

How to help your child learn tricky sight words at home.

What is a Phonics Screening Check?

Find out more about the Phonics Screening Check in year 1.