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Week of 30th November


Week of 30th November 2020


Good morning year 2! If you are at home isolating please complete these tasks over the week. You can complete these tasks either online, through JIT5 or in your Home Learning Isolation Journal.




This week, we are looking at the oo family. Have a go the tasks for each one of the family of sounds. 



Look at the task. Make three headings with each sound and put the correct words under each headings. If you would like a challenge, now choose one word from each section and use it in a sentence.




Write out the following words on paper or card to make flashcards. Have someone at home test you. Can you spell them correctly without looking?













Find out where and how to use a question mark. Watch the video and then try the activity underneath the video on the website.



Have a look at this block of lessons on Instructions: How to defeat the Fire Giants. Watch one video and complete the task per day.



Log onto reading planet, read a book and do the quiz.

Click on the link if you need help logging on:




This week learn all about shape, using these videos. After you watch each video, try the task below.


Recognise and name 3D shapes:


Sort 3D shapes:


Recognise and name 2D shapes:


Sort 2D shapes:


Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes:


Spend 10 minutes every day on TT Rockstars.


TT Rockstar challenge! Can you beat Miss Brittle? Click on multiplayer and then rockslam and look to see who has challenged you. Miss Brittle is Ella.


Science: Recycling!

What should I do with my rubbish? Watch to find out!

Now try the task below: Design a recycling poster, encouraging people to think about their waste.



Have a good week! 

Mrs Bata and Miss Forrest

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