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The Beatles 13.11.23

The Beatles 

The Beatles have released their final new song together, called ‘Now and Then’. 


John Lennon died 43 years ago. Three years before his death, he wrote and recorded some demo songs. These were called demo tapes because they weren’t songs that were ready to release, they were song ideas. In 1994, John’s wife gave Paul McCartney the tape as it had the words ‘For Paul’ written on it.  


John sang the songs and played the keyboard on the tapes and the music wasn’t clear enough to use. There wasn’t the technology then to just take his voice out of the recording – there is now. Peter Jackson (the director of all of the Lord of the Rings films) commissioned the use of AI technology to bring together John’s vocals, George Harrison’s guitar (he has also passed away since) and the vocals, guitar and drum accompaniment from Paul and Ringo Starr to produce the Beatle’s final song. 


Peter Jackson also directed the music video which puts together footage of the Beatles through the ages as well as the musicians performing for the track today.  It has reached the number one position in the most listened to songs on Spotify in the UK.