St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Time to eat (food)

Time to eat

Welcome to Food Week


We've provided lots of ideas here for your to pick and choose from. 


Sorting food 

  •  Provide your child with a selection of food items. Ask your child to sort the food. They might sort by shape, colour, or size.


Healthy/ Unhealthy

  • Provide your child with a selection of foods. Can they sort into healthy/ unhealthy groups.





  • Your child could draw a favourite healthy meal.
  • Discuss how exercise is an important part of staying healthy. Watch and complete a 10 minute shake up.


Food faces

Make some faces or animals out of food.


Sorting game

Make a sorting game out of bottle tops. The children could sort/ match  fruit, shapes, colours, numbers, letters etc. 


Explore fruit and vegetables with tools. For example

  • Oranges and juicers


  • Cabbage and scissors - Other fruit and vegetables would work. Let us know what you've tried. wink


  • Cereal and hammers 


  • Sweetcorn and tweezers (this would work with seeds or small pieces of food including dry food)



Explore a  food sensory bin/ box  - an old plastic box would work well for this. We find that the children play for longer periods with open ended activities like this. We've given you a few ideas to choose from.

  • Citrus


  • Spaghetti 


  • Peas and water 



  • Custard



Create a collage

  • Ask your child to draw out a shapes (e.g a fruit, vegetable, animal or person). Cut out a selection of colourful packaging and collage on to their picture. 




Play shops

  • Using toy food or old packaging, set up a food shop for your child to act out being the shopkeeper and customer. You could introduce coins to support their developing knowledge of money. Give them a notepad to use as a shopping list to encourage in the moment writing. Creating a café would be really fun too.



Potato/ Vegetable Printing

  • Using a selection of vegetables available in your kitchen, support your child to print and explore the shapes and patterns created.



Make cornflour gloop

Mix cornflour with a small amount of water in a mixing bowl. It will make a slimy, stretchy mixture. Allow your child to explore the change of texture from wet to dry and the texture of the gloop.