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Fred's Phonics Challenge

Monday 6th July

Monday 29th June

Wednesday 1st July

Thursday 2nd July

Friday 3rd July

Today's sound is 'ar', above are some images of 'ar' words. Can you work out what they are and write them with sound buttons? If you would like to challenge yourself you can have a go at putting the 'ar' words into sentences, too! 

Monday 22nd June

Monday 15th June

Tuesday 16th June

Monday 8th June

Tuesday 9th June

Wednesday 10th June

Here are some pictures of 'oi' words. Can you work out what the pictures are of and write the words with their sound buttons?

Monday 1st June

Tuesday 2nd June

Wednesday 3rd June

Put the sound buttons on the ‘ir’ words. See if you can write some silly sentences using these words. My example is at the end.

Thursday 4th June

Friday 5th June

Monday 18th May

Tuesday 19th May

Wednesday 20th May

Thursday 21st May


Here are some different images. Each of them have an 'aw' in. Work out what the image is of then write it, remember to put sound buttons on. smiley


Friday 22nd May

Monday 11th May

Tuesday 12th May

Wednesday 13th May

Thursday 14th May

 Monday 4th May 

Tuesday 5th May 


Hello lovely year 1. I am sorry but my whiteboard is tiny so I have squeezed the words on. Split sounds are tricky so this week we will be looking at i-e nice smile for two days. Today your challenge is to write down the alien and real words. Please practise your red words from yesterday too smiley

Wednesday 6th May


Thursday 7th May 


Monday 27th April 


Tuesday 28th April 


Wednesday 29th April 


Thursday 30th April 


Friday 1st May 


Monday 20th April

Tuesday 21st April

Wednesday 22nd April

Thursday 23rd April

Friday 24th April

Monday 20th April. Follow this link to help you with this week's tricky sound. Then have a go at one Fred Phonics Challenge each day. 

Friday 4th April- Check out the year 1 Youtube channel to help you with tricky split sounds!

Thursday 2nd April

Wednesday 1st April

Tuesday 31st March

Monday 30th March