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"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

The Harmonica - Indiara Sfair 22.11.22


Indiara Sfair is a harmonica player from Brazil. She grew up in a musical family and played different instruments. When she was 15, her friend bought her a harmonica and started getting lessons as she loved playing it so much. She now travels all over performing and has lots of videos on YouTube. One piece here is an improvisation – that means that she is composing it as she plays. 


A harmonica is small musical instrument that is played with the mouth by blowing into holes in its side. Harmonicas produce their musical sounds from the vibrations of reeds in the harmonica's metal case. Harmonicas are used in blues music, folk music, rock and roll music, and pop music. 


Harmonicas are played by blowing or sucking air into one side. On this side, there are many holes. Each hole has a different note. Different notes are played when you blow or suck air. 


The harmonica is called many different names, such as: mouth organ, mouth harp, French harp, Reckless Tram, tin sandwich, blues harp, Mississippi saxophone. 

Indiara Sfair & Arthur Sowinski - Improvisation in Cm (Find the TAB link in the description)

Indiara Sfair - Beatbox + Harmonica + Loop Station