St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Year 3

Friday 10th March 


Hello Year 3!  At home today, please work on the following. We hope you are staying warm and we will see you next week.



Mrs Begum, Mrs Marokova and Miss Pankania.



Please spend some time learning and then practising times tables.


Times Tables Rockstars

Username: just your number

Password: your school password

School postcode: B11 4EA



School postcode: B11 4EA

Username: just your number

Password: your school password




Watch Roger McGough perform The Sound Collector again. Can you listen out for the onomatopoeia we found yesterday?

Spend some time reading online and/or your book bag books.


Reading Planet

Username: just your number (no email address)

Password: your school password

Centre ID: 199591


Oxford Owl

Username: stjohnsb11

Password: kipper



Our pattern just now is words with a /k/ sound spelled with ch.

Practise these words


ache     anchor     Christmas     school     choir     echo


Spend some time on Spellblast!


Remember to log in to your BGFL account and once you get onto the launch page, click on J2Blast.



Username: your

Password: your school password



Look at our Knowledge Organiser for new unit You Are What You Eat! How many facts did you already know? Can you test anyone at home on the vocabulary?

Food Groups


As we explored the main food groups and what those food do for our bodies this week, have a look at some videos on espresso and BBC Bitesize.

Can you have a go at some of the quizzes?


Why not create a poster about the main food groups or start a food diary? You could write some facts on JIT5 of your BGFL account too.


You will need to sign into Espresso Discovery 



Username: student5033

Password: stjohns

Have a good day!



Tuesday 7th March


Computing Lesson

Branching Databases! Computing


As we look at databases in computing, please follow this link:


Dear Parents/Carers,


Thursday 5th May 2022      Polling Day

Since the children will be working from home on Thursday (see above), please find work with your child! He/she has been sent home with a paper pack. We would like your child to complete:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Maths Fractions Revision Worksheet (if your child needs help with this, please find a helpful video below)
  • Spelling Practise (see lists enclosed)
  • Choose an activity from Brilliant Botanist Homework sheet and complete in homework book


Thank you,

Mrs Marokova and Mrs Begum.



Hello Year 3!


Welcome to our Year 3 page!  Please click on the books below to find out information about Year 3. You will learn all about our topics for the year.


Mrs Marokova and Mrs Begum





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