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"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Feeling good 3.9.20

The song 'Feeling good' is from the musical ‘the roar of the greasepaint the smell of the crowd’. The song is about the character’s freedom/liberation. 

Nina Simone, was an American singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, and civil rights activist. Her music spanned a broad range of musical styles including classical, jazz, blues, folk, R&B, gospel and pop. She made the song famous but it has been covered by lots of different artists since. The lyrics should inspire you as you come back to school: 'It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me... and I'm feeling good,'



Nina Simone Feeling Good

Michael Bublé - Feeling Good [Official Music Video]

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