St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10



Monday – RE



This year lent begins on Wednesday 17th February


Watch this video explaining the temptation of Jesus: During Lent, Christians remember Jesus’ experience in the desert by finding some space to be quiet, to think about what God is saying to them and what God wants them to do for him.

The full story of Jesus in the desert can be found in Luke 4:1–13.


Choose either activity or both.

Activity 1: Can you draw a cross. (Template - Then using a ruler, make a stained glass window effect. In each piece write a way you can do a good deed. See my example below:

Then, each day choose one way to show love, and colour in that area to make a stained glass window by the time Easter arrives.

Activity 2:

You could make these Lent biscuits (an adult will need to help you so you are safe) and then find a quiet reflection space while they bake.


Tuesday – Computing


Today is Safer Internet Day. Watch this video for an introduction:

The theme this year is reliability online

Read the story ‘Detective Digiduck’ here: You can choose which way you access the story:


Answer these questions about the story:

1. What three things did Wise_Owl teach Digiduck to do, to check what he had found out?


2. Decide if each of these sentences is a fact, an opinion, or untrue.

A duck has feathers.

A duck can spin a web.

A duck is beautiful.

3. Name 5 adults that you know and trust, that could help you with any problems online.


4. If anything online confused, worried, or upset you, how would you ask for help? What could you say?


5. Can you use the internet to find out something new about a forest animal? Remember to use Wise_Owl’s tips to check your facts.


Next you need to:

Create another part of the story where Detective Digiduck learns about a new animal by drawing another page in the story

  • Choose an animal
  • Choose what Digiduck learns about them online
  • Show how he makes sure the information is true and reliable


Use this link to answer the questions:

At St John’s we encourage children to research for information using the search engine


Wednesday – Art and Knowledge Organiser Quiz


Activity 1: Greek Vase research and design


  • Create your own Greek vase design.

Use this video to draw the outline of your Greek pot.


Use this powerpoint to help you learn more about Greek pottery:


Then think about:

  • the shape 
  • the patterns
  • the colours – are they bright and multi-coloured or do they all tend to be the same colours?


Activity 2: Brainbox Quiz: As we coming to the end of our topic we are going to have a quiz! Can you learn all these facts from this knowledge organiser  and then complete the quiz. You can access it online or as a PDF:


Tip: Set a timer on a phone for 1 minute. See how many facts you can read in 1 min. Then cover the knowledge organiser, reset the timer for 1 minute and see how many facts you can remember in a minute!

Once you feel ready complete the quiz:


Thursday - Spanish


Revise the months of the year in Spanish then complete the quiz! Go through the powerpoint here to help you:


Activity 1: complete the missing months of the year. Listen to the video first:

Complete the activity here:


Activity 2: take the months of the year quiz.


Friday – Ancient Greece Topic Art


LO: To make a line drawing of the Parthenon.

Use this website  to guide you through step-by-step to draw the Parthenon in Greece.

You just need a pencil and plain piece of paper.

You can use a ruler if you choose but it’s not essential.


You may want to watch the video all the way through first before you begin. You can slow the video down using the speed at the top. You can pause the video. You can go back a step to check you have drawn all the lines correctly. Upload a photo of your drawing.


Challenge: Draw a Greek sword, helmet or column – you can choose!

Follow this link to choose a video: