St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Week beginning 22/02/21

            Friday 26th February - remote learning

4A have flutes at 11:15 (quarter past 11) it will be in your Teams calendar.

Good morning year 4, we have almost completed our first week back and are really impressed with how well you have adapted to all the changes, keep this up. As you have probably heard by now, we will be returning to school on the 8th of March so it is really important that you are completing all of the work that is set in preparation for your return. Here are some of the amazing responses we had on the RE padlet for the question 'What makes a good leader?':



Here are your lessons for today:


L.O: to develop a rich understanding of words associated with eyes. 

In English today, you will be introduced to some new vocabulary which will enable you to enhance and improve your descriptive writing. Our particular focus is on the eyes, and over this lesson you will identify synonyms and identify word pairs which you can use in your own writing. Watch the following video and pause it when you are asked to so that you can complete all the activities. You can record these in your own books or on the link below:

You can use this link to record your work:



At the start of this week you were given a list of word ending in 'ture'. Click on the following link to complete the spelling test and see how well you have learnt them (week 1):



Steady/Go L.O: Subtract from whole amounts. 

Over the last week, we have been adding and subtracting fractions which have resulted in improper and mixed fractions. We have seen that the wholes, which make up our mixed fractions, consist of equal parts. However, it is really important that you continue developing a good understanding of how many equal parts are equivalent to those wholes. Today's lesson will help you do that. Watch the video below and then have a go at the worksheet:

Video link:

Worksheet link:


Ready L.O: Finding a quarter.

If your teacher has spoken to you, you will complete this work on quarters. Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet:

Video link:

Worksheet link:


Topic- Geography

L.O: to create a labelled river.

Yesterday you looked at the features of a river from source to mouth. Today, I want you to put that into practise and make me a labelled river. This could be a drawing, a model or even made of lego. It can be done in any way you want to but it must have the following labels 





Flood plain 


Have a look at this image to help you. 



This is an example of the sort of work you could do: 



I want to start by saying a massive well done for the incredible effort you have made so far this half term. Nearly all of you have been up and ready every morning and your work has been brilliant. It is great to see that we are only getting better and better at dealing with a very tricky situation!


4A you have PE at 10:15 today. If you have reading as well it will be a very fast turn around so aim to get to registration dressed and ready as there may not be time between meetings.

Thursday 25th February 


LO: To develop an understanding of the main characters in a film. 


In this lesson we will watch a clip from the film 'Whale Rider' and analyse the two main characters in terms of their actions and internal feelings and emotions. In this lesson there is a clip which shows some brief violence traditional in Mauri culture. If this worries you then feel free to skip that part of the video or ask an adult to watch with you. 

Record your character analysis here or in your own books:



LO: Subtract two fractions. 


Today we are continuing our work on subtracting fractions. We will be looking at different representations and solving problems. Most children should be completing the steady and go questions unless they have spoken to their teacher.


Steady and Go - Video link: 

Worksheet link: 


Ready Video and worksheet - Recognise a quarter: 





LO: To identify the features and stages of a river.


When we think about rivers it is easy to just think about a big channel of water but did you know there are actually many different features that actually form one? Today you are going to be thinking about a river right from it’s source (beginning) all the way down to the sea. Click the link and spend some time exploring this page, there is information, a video and quiz. You will need this for your work afterwards. 


Now click this link to complete the task:  


         Wednesday 24th February - remote learning


Good morning year 4! Well done to those of you who made it to registration on time yesterday, we had almost 100% so keep it up. We have had a few days to adjust now so let's try and have you all on. As our registration times have changed so have our PE lessons. Please make sure you are dressed and ready by 9.00 am, as there will be very little time between the end of registration and your lessons

                                          4F your online PE lesson starts at 10.15 am today.

                                          4A your online lesson will be tomorrow at 10.15 am.


Here are the rest of your lessons for today:



L.O: to revise simple, compound and complex sentences. 

Over the last term, we did lots of work on the different sentence types that we can use in our writing to make it more interesting. In this lesson we will be revising the components of simple, compound and complex sentences so that you become confident in recognising and writing them. You will identify examples of each type and then write your own. Please make sure you watch the video carefully and pause when you are asked to so you can complete the activities. You can do this in your books or online by clicking the link underneath the video:


Record your work on here or in books:


Spellings - 'ture' crossword

Can you work out the clues and find all the words ending with 'ture' to complete this crossword? We have thrown in a few which are not on your spelling list from Monday so see if you can get those ones too. Click on the link and remember to save your work so we can see how you did. Good luck. 

Crossword link:



If you usually do phonics with Miss Kaur, then you will need to complete your weekly phonics activities here. Mrs Kirby is recording phonics lessons for you to watch and also an activity for you to complete after each lesson. All you will need is a pencil and some paper. Each week, Mrs Kirby will add two phonics lessons with two activities to complete after. Today's sound is the 'ou' sound. Watch the video below first then complete the activity from the second video

The ou sound

Activity for the ou sound



Steady and Go: subtracting fractions

In maths today, you will be moving onto subtracting fractions with the same denominators. Just as you did when adding fractions, you will only ever subtract the numerators whilst keeping the denominators the same. You will use a number of methods to complete these calculations so you can find the one that suits you. Make sure you watch the video below before you begin.

Steady/Go: Video link: 

Worksheet link:


Ready: Find a half

If your teacher has spoken to you previously, you will be completing this work in maths. Today, you will be finding half of different objects, shapes and amounts. Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet


Video link:

Worksheet link:


RE- holy people

Today, we would like you to think about what makes a good leader. What sort of person would they need to be and what sort of qualities would they have. Take a look through the slides on the notebook below and answer the questions as you go. Look carefully at the quote from the Bible (Galatians 5:22), which we have included in the slides, and think about what it means to be a good leader. Then watch the videos below about Jesus, who Christians believe was like a good shepherd leading people. When you have done all of this we would like you to add your own opinion on what makes a good leader on the Padlet below:






Padlet activity – What makes a good leader? –






Brilliant job getting up and ready for 9 o'clock let's keep it going! Remember all year 4 have registrations at 9am from now on. If you miss it without letting your teacher know then we will give you a call to see if there is an issue. It is also really important to get there on time so get those alarms set!


4F have brass today at 2:15 today


Tuesday 23rd February


LO: To investigate suffixes (-ify -ise)


In this lesson, we will be investigating the -ify and -ise suffixes. Click the link and pause the video to complete the tasks and identify the rules that apply to this suffix.

You can record your work here or in your books:



LO:  Add two or more fractions. 

In Maths today, you will be adding two or more fractions where the total is sometimes greater than 1. Remember, what you learnt yesterday and only add the numerators while keeping the denominators the same. Record your answers as improper fractions (fractions where the numerator is greater than the denominator) when the total is more than 1. However, If you are feeling really confident you can change it into a mixed number fraction but this is not necessary. 


Steady and Go (Challenge on page 2)

Video link: 

Worksheet link:


If your teacher has spoken to you, have a go at this worksheet today:

Ready - Recognise a half: 

Video link: 

Worksheet link: 




Today we will be looking at the longest rivers in the world the Nile and the Amazon. You should have looked at these rivers yesterday and worked out that they are enormous! You are going to plot these rivers onto a world map. On the worksheet below it asks you to draw the shape of the rivers in the correct countries. There are pictures on the sheet to help you.


There is also a challenge at the bottom to have a go at.


Key Skills

TT Rockstars 15 minutes

Spelling Frame 15 minutes

Reading Planet 15 minutes

Good morning Year 4!

We hope you had a lovely half term and managed to enjoy yourselves even while we are in lockdown. Remember there is a very important change now to all the registrations across school and year 4 are now meeting at 9 o'clock everyday and that is all of us, we've been doing so well with our attendance so let's do a big push and go for 100% with our new morning times. It is such an important time because you get taught things to help you, you can see examples of work from others for ideas and you get to ask any questions about work that you need. It also means your teacher can tell you when you will be needed for any other groups so you don't miss out on your learning!


4A registration: 9:00am (9 o'clock)

4F registration: 9:00am (9 o'clock)


Monday 22nd February - remote learning


Learn about Maori culture.  

In this lesson you will learn about Maori culture and traditions in preparation for writing a narrative based on the film 'Whale Rider'. Click the link below to watch the video and remember to pause it so you can to complete the tasks that you are asked to. 

By the end of this lesson you will have learnt some new vocabulary and created a mind map about the Maori people in books or online (using the link below): 



Today we are looking at words ending in -ture. Click the link to complete the activity. 



In Maths today, we will continue with our work on fractions. You will learn how to add fractions together and discover what happens to the denominator and numerator when you do this. Our focus will be adding fractions that have the same denominators so it is really important that you are able to identify which part of a fraction is the denominator and which part is the numerator and what they actually represent. 


                                        numerator    (parts identified from the whole)

                                4       denominator  (parts altogether in my whole)



You will complete the following worksheet after watching this video (please make sure you do watch it): 

Video for steady/go:

Worksheet steady/go:



If your teacher has spoken to you last term about the math work, you will be completing this worksheet to make sure you really understand fractions. Here is the video and worksheet for you. Please watch the video below before completing your sheet. You can complete it online by clicking on the link below or download it as you have been doing before.

Video for ready:




We are starting a new topic all about WILD WATER! This is one of my favourites because there is so much stuff to learn and create so let's get going...


This is a list of rivers around the world. I want you to use google to research two key facts about each river, where it is and how long it is. You can record your findings on BGFL.  







Recording template:


Next look at the 3 rivers below on google earth. What is similar/different about each one? 

What to do: 

  1. Click the link for each river.  

  1. When it is loaded, click the little man in the bottom right corner and drag him to the red pin before dropping him. 








In Spanish today, you will recap how to introduce yourself. However, you will also learn some simple Spanish vocabulary, which can be used to add description and detail about yourself in your introductions. Watch the video below and remember to pause when you are asked so that you can make notes. Once you are finished, record a voice note (or video) introducing yourself using some of the new vocabulary that you have learnt. We look forward to hearing those!