St John's C of E Primary School

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Friday 7th May


Register is a 1pm on TEAMS (calendar)

3HE Horrid Henry's Reading Group at 9am and Willy Wonka's Reading Group at 9.30am. Click on the link in your TEAMS calendar.


All groups except silver: Order fractions

  1. Watch the video first:
  2. Complete the sheet on the BGFL (shared files, order fractions)
  3. Complete 10 minutes on TT Rockstars Jammin’ division only 8 times table.


Silver Group:

5 times table

  1. Watch the video first:
  2. Listen to the 5 times table song and practise the activities:
  3. Complete the questions on the BGFL (shared files, 5 times table)
  4. Practise the 5 times table on TT Rockstars Jammin' (both multiplication and division)



Log onto the BGFL. On the grid/squares page click on the J2blast square. Click on Spelling blast, choose have a practice. Move the toggle until it says Yr 3 and 4 and then click on the +.



Complete the spelling quiz called more prefixes:



Science: Plants

Complete activity 1 and activity 2:


Activity 1: Go to BGFL (shared files, flower seed dispersal).

Watch the videos and follow the links on the sheet. Then sort the seeds by how they are dispersed.


Activity 2: Go to BGFL (shared files, life cycle flowering plant).

Read the information, watch the video and then drag  the labels into the correct place on the diagram.



Remember there are lots of links for online activities under Whole School Online Resources too.

Have a great day!