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Treble - Aled Jones 16.1.23


Aled Jones, (born 29 December 1970) is a Welsh singer and radio and television presenter. When he was a young boy, he became famous for singing the cover version of the song ‘Walking in the Air’ from the film ‘The Snowman’.  


Adonai Roi is a movement from Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms. It is the psalm ‘The Lord is my shepherd’ sung in Hebrew. It begins with Aled singing a solo and then a whole choir of trebles join in.  


A treble voice is the same pitch as a soprano but is usually used to describe the voice of a singer aged between about 8 and 16. Although it is the same pitch as a soprano, the voice has a different timbre (quality of sound). 


Now that Aled is an adult, his voice is no longer a treble singer. His voice is now much deeper and is described as a baritone.  

Chichester Psalms: No. 2 Adonai roi

Walking in the Air - Aled Jones Sings With His Younger Self | Classic FM Sessions