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"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Week beginning 04/01/21

Friday 8th January Remote Learning

Good morning Year 4 and happy Friday!

You have continued to amaze us this week with your effort on your home learning and we have both been so pleased to see that most are making  it to all their meetings on time and sending work so we can see it all. Keep it up!

IMPORTANT 4A: Miss Fox is really excited to be teaching you music today, it is at quarter past 11 on Teams. She knows not everyone has their flute so don't worry! I'd love to see everyone online at quarter past 11.




Today we are looking at different ways to multiply bigger numbers. One way we might multiply is to use repeated addition for example:


25 x 3 

20 + 20 + 20 + 5 + 5 +5 = 75


Or we might partition the numbers into 10s and 1s like:

42 x 3

40 x 3 = 120

2 x 3 = 6

120 + 6 = 126

Watch this video to explore more about these methods and some other ways you might times bigger numbers together

Once you have watched the video complete these questions

Remember if the link doesn't work you will also find it in your shared files on BGFL just look for the file called Friday 8th January Maths.


If your teacher has spoken to you about it please complete this Maths and send your work to your class teacher. You can take a picture and email it or complete it on BGFL and press save.


In English today, we are going to continue looking at different ways that we can improve our writing. Fronted adverbials are used at the beginning of a sentence to describe the actions that follow. They can give the reader an idea of where (place), when (time) or how (manner) something occurred. Watch the following video and see if you can come up with some of your own sentences about the Vikings using them:


Topic- History

For History today, we would like you to watch these videos all about the Vikings. Once you have done this, you need to create your own fact file about them using today's information and anything else that you have learnt about them over the last week (and before the half term). Make it as interesting and fun a possible, but remember to stick to the facts! Try and also use what you learnt about non-chronological reports on Tuesday too by including some of their features.You can add in pictures and drawings too. Save this to your file or send us picture when you have finished.We look forward to reading them:


Daily Tasks/Key skills

Every day you must try and complete the following:



Remote Learning Thursday 7th January

Good morning everyone I want to give a massive well done to some children for the most incredible work done so far this week. Just look at some of these incredible Viking people created yesterday!

There has been excellent work by so many people I wouldn't be able to show you it all here but we have absolutely loved seeing what you have been making and learning.  A great time for us to share work and help you with your tasks is during our meetings so make sure you keep turning up for your class meeting. 



As we spoke about in our meetings today we will be looking at factors. These are numbers we can times together to make our product (the answer!) Use this video to remind yourself what we talked about yesterday on Teams


Once you feel confident with your factors have a go at the questions here. Remember this is also saved in your files on BGFL so you can always find it there if your link doesn't work.


The faster you are at your times tables the easier you will find factors. Spend 20 minutes on TT Rockstars and try to improve your accuracy per question.


MATHS 7.1.2021

If your teacher has spoken to you about you completing different work in maths click the attachment or copy and paste the link onto the internet below.


Yesterday, we looked at some different sentence types, simple and compound, which can make Your writing more exciting and enjoyable to read. Today, we are going to look at how finding the correct vocabulary for your writing is just as important. Subject, or topic, specific vocabulary is really useful because it adds precise detail to what it is you want to write about; it can be anything from adjectives to describe a person (barbaric Vikings) or verbs to describe actions (the Vikings would go from village to village plundering and pillaging). We have been focusing on the Vikings, so once you have watched this video on how to generate the correct vocabulary for your writing, try it out by writing us a few sentences of your own: 






In RE today, we would like you to watch this video about the Shema - the Jewish holy prayer. It is very special to Jews and has lots of very important and meaningful words in it. Can you think of any other similar prayers or words that are really important to you? It may just be specific words like 'strength', 'love' or 'kindness'. Words that are very small but mean a lot to the people you say it to because it shows them that you care. We would like you to create a piece of work using some of the words that are special to you. You could turn it into a prayer or even a poem and then decorate it. You could even create some word art like the ones below. Send us in a picture of your work so that we can have a look too:



Daily Tasks/Key skills

Every day you must try and complete the following:

                       Remote learning Wednesday 6th January


Good morning Year 4,

Well done for your fabulous work yesterday. Remember to meet your teacher for registration so they can go over your learning with you and let you know about when your reading group is.



As we spoke about yesterday today we will be multiplying 3 numbers together. For example:


If I want to know 2x3x5 I solve 2x3 which makes 6 and then times 6 by the final number

                                                                                     3 x 4 x 2

3 x 4= 12

12 x 2 =24



You can start by watching this video to remind you what we spoke about yesterday

Then complete the worksheet here on BGFL and press save so your teacher can give you some feedback.

MATHS 6.1.2021

If your teacher has spoken to you about you completing different work in maths click the attachment or copy and paste the link onto the internet below.




In English today, we want to you to focus on the different types of sentences that make your writing interesting and different. It would be very boring if all your sentence types were the same and for that reason you need to be able to use simple and compound sentences within your own writing. However, this means that you need to be able to recognise when a sentence is a simple sentence or when it is a compound sentence as only then can you start to use them in your own amazing writing. Watch the following video and complete the tasks as you go. Remember to do your work on paper or save it on your pupil files for us to look at:


Topic- History

Today, we would like you to watch this video about what the Vikings wore. Once you have done this we would like you to draw a picture of a Viking in their traditional clothing, you can also add in brooches, which they were very fond of, and give them some weapons too. Don't forget to draw a picture of a female Viking too, what sort of clothes did they wear? Send or save a picture for us to look at when you are finished:


Daily Tasks/Key skills

Every day you must try and complete the following:

Tuesday 5th January

Good morning year 4,


Well done for finding your way to our home learning then again... we are experts nowadays! Last time we were all learning from home you did so well at working hard and maintaining your learning. This time we have got to keep it up and carry on showing all those qualities that make us the best in Birmingham!


Registrations have now changed times:

4F: Your meeting is at 12:30 on Teams (half past 12)

4A: Your meeting is at 2:00 on Teams (2 o'clock)


You will also have a reading group but your teacher will let you know when that is.


As the registrations are later in the day it is very important you get yourself up and working by checking your tasks on the website just like you are doing now. Complete the work in your red book, online or on paper if your red book is still at school. You can save it or send us a picture so we can see how you got on. 


           Remote learning for Tuesday 5th January 


Today we are looking at multiplication and division of our 11s and 12s. Before you start time yourself writing out all the multiples up to 12x12 and 11x11, how fast are you? It took me 1 minute and 8 seconds because I got 5x12 wrong even though I know it! 


Can you beat me???


This video may help you with your next work


Once you have tested your speed have a look at these questions

You should also be able to find the questions in your files on BGFL if the link doesn't work. Remember to press edit in the top corner and save it at the end. If you get stuck keep an eye out for the play buttons by some of the questions and I might be able to help!


If you click the link and you see this screen 


Then click on the orange rocket ship (it's called launch) and then login to your BGFL as normal.


MATHS 5.1.2021


If your teacher has spoken to you about you completing different work in maths click the attachment or copy and paste the link onto the internet below




Having spent two weeks before the half-term learning all about the Vikings, we would eventually have put it all together into a report. Therefore, in today's English lesson you will be learning all about non-chronological reports and familiarising yourself with their features. What is a non-chronological report and how do you recognise one? Watch this video to find out all about them and make sure you complete the tasks and activities by pausing the video as you go. You can do this on paper or on j2write and save it to your file. Send us a picture of your work once you have finished:


Topic - History

Sticking with our topic of the Vikings, we would like you to watch these videos all about them to remind you of who they were and why they travelled to new lands. Once you have finished, we would like you to write a front page article for a newspaper announcing the invasion of the Vikings! Make it sound as if you were actually there by adding in interviews with the locals (what did they think and how were they feeling?). You can also add photos or a drawing if you prefer to make it really exciting! (you can paste these from Google). There will be a template available on assignments but if you prefer to do it on paper that is fine. We are really looking forward to reading them. Have fun!


Newspaper template:

Daily Tasks/Key skills

Every day you must try and complete the following: