St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Curriculum overview

These documents will show you what topics are being taught across the school at any one time. You can also see how the topics link to the RE Unit and Values that are being taught at the same time.


This is how we place values at the heart of what we do: topics for every year group lend themselves to the values being taught in collective worship, and to the RE unit being taught simultaneously.

A Child's Curriculum Experience at St John's School

Early Years (Nursery & Reception) Topic Timetable

Lower School Topic Timetable

Upper School Topic Timetable

The Link between EYFS and the National Curriculum



Across the school, our children learn through topics which we have made engaging, relevant and fun. In the EYFS, these topics provide a context for children to develop their skills, attitudes and interests in a holistic, cross-curricular way. In years 1-6, children are immersed in topics which are cross-curricular (as the world is), but teachers maintain the integrity of the subjects within them. As in the EYFS, the topics provide a context for the development of English skills. For example, children might read about the topic they are learning about, and in doing so they may be learning Geographical or Scientific facts, but also developing their vocabulary and comprehension. Likewise, if children have been researching a historical event such as The Industrial Revolution, they will use this as the context for writing a non-chronological report outlining their main findings. The historical learning has already happened, and now they are developing their writing skills using the knowledge and understanding they have gained.


From EYFS to Year 6, our topics provide the context in which skilled teachers can help children to learn across the curriculum, making links explicit whilst maintaining subject integrity.



The role of subject leaders across the school.

Subject leaders lead from Nursery to Year 6. Whilst subjects in Year 1-Year 6 are planned out in terms of what children will know, be able to do, and understand at the end of each topic; planning in EYFS is based on where the children are at any given time. Learning is “bottom-up” as opposed to “top down” and staff in EYFS use any and all contexts in which to develop children’s learning across the EYFS curriculum. However, each subject leader knows what their subject looks like in EYFS, and how well the children progress and achieve within it.