St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Week beginning 12/7/21

Thursday 15th July

Good morning! Last day of isolation - can't wait to see you all tomorrow!



Last day of our bakery project! Watch the video 42:12 until 48:09.

WRM Bakery | White Rose Maths


Complete these bakery problems:

The last question is something we haven't done so don't stress about that one!



Today's English task is some creative writing. To do this effectively, you will need to be able to use inverted commas (speech marks) so watch this video and do the quiz first: Using inverted commas - Year 4 - P5 - English - Home Learning with BBC Bitesize - BBC Bitesize


Then, you need to write a paragraph about a (possibly made-up) situation at school and a teacher (you can choose who!) discovering it - has someone brought in their pet hamster? are the boys toilets blocked again? is there slime stuck to the ceiling?


Here's a an example to help you get started (thanks, Haaris!)


With a loud crash, Mrs Seymour swung the doors to the year 6

classroom open and marched quickly into the room.

Everybody fell silent as she stood staring manically around the

room. She clearly wasn’t happy.

“Is everything ok Mrs Seymour ?" asked the nervous young teacher.

“No! No it is not Mrs Benson,” replied the head, while her eyes

darted quickly around the room as if searching for someone.

“Whatever has happened ?" whispered the teacher nervously.

Mrs Seymour put her hands on her hips and took a deep breath. A

collective feeling of fear engulfed the classroom. The year sixes

knew that whatever it was, it was something very serious if the

head teacher was coming into their SPAG lesson on a Tuesday




Listen to these songs on repeat. Learn the words. Sing them loudly without looking at the words. 


miley cyrus wherever I go lyrics - YouTube

Put That Mask On Your Face - Year 6 leavers concert - YouTube

Singing assembly - 23.06.21 - YouTube HERO (start at 1:48)

This Is Me - The Greatest Showman {LYRICS} - YouTube


Daily Challenge

Watch the last bit of the maths video (48.09) : WRM Bakery | White Rose Maths

Bake your cupcakes!! Here are some recipes to choose from and follow: 

Cupcakes recipe - BBC Food

Easy cupcake recipe for kids | Cooking with my kids


Make sure you upload a picture so we can all see how delicious your cakes look!

Wednesday 14th July

Morning! Don't forget to rehearse your lines for leavers - stand down the bottom of the garden and shout to your adult!



Your task today is to actually make a box for your cupcakes by drawing a net, cutting it out and sticking it together. It will need an attractive design and be sturdy enough to hold your cupcakes. You can use cardboard from a cereal box or other packaging.

There are two examples below to help you out - don't forget the flaps or you won't be able to stick it together!





complete this lesson on words with silent letters: To investigate silent letters (

then have a go at this wordsearch:



The 2020 Olympic games is soon to start in Tokyo. Find out more in this comprehension (remember to turn the pages - there are 4!)



Choose some of the videos to watch: Starting secondary school - BBC Bitesize


Add your great tips to this padlet:


Daily Challenge

Note: tomorrow's challenge is to make the cupcakes to go in your box. Ask an adult today if you want to do that to check you have the ingredients.


Your op-art 3D hands looked amazing! Have a go at these amazing optical illusions:

6 Optical illusion drawings for beginners/ illusion patterns/tricks/abstract drawings - YouTube

Tuesday 13th July

Good morning! I'm looking forward to everybody's work today - make sure you check your calendar to see if you have a meeting to rehearse for leavers.



Watch the video and listen to Activity 4 (41:14 - 41:53): WRM Bakery | White Rose Maths

You need to sketch the net for your packaging - it doesn't need to be exactly measured out but you need to write exact dimensions on it. Then you can decide on decoration - maybe use a logo or company name.....


Complete both of these activities - watch the videos and do the quiz. I will expect you to use these skills in tomorrow's work.

How to use possessive apostrophes - BBC Bitesize


How to use a semi-colon - BBC Bitesize



Make sure you have contributed to this padlet:


Design and make a poster on one of the following topics:
* Top tips for your journey to secondary school
* Top tips for preparing for secondary school
* Top tips for keeping safe at secondary school
* Top tips for making friends at secondary school


Daily challenge

Optical illusion art - follow the instructions in this video: 3D Hand Drawing Step by Step How-To // Trick Art Optical Illusion - YouTube


Monday 12th July

Morning 6H (and any of 6W who may be at home!). Below is your home learning for today. Don't forget to read on Reading Planet and make sure you have learnt all your lines for Leavers!



We are carrying on with our WhiteRose Bakery work. Today we are learning about how to find the volume of cuboids so we can make packaging for our cupcakes. Start by watching video from 31:30 until 41:13.

WRM Bakery | White Rose Maths


If you are feeling pretty confident, then have a go at this activity:


If you want to start with something a bit simpler, try this:



Watch this video about a day in the life of a Year 7 pupil: Year 7: A day in the life - BBC Bitesize


When the police visited last week, they talked about how important it was to know your way around and know the names of the roads you travel down. 

1. Find your address on Google Maps: Google Maps

2. Snip or screenshot the part of the map that shows your house and your new school.

3. Draw on the route you will take whether walking or in a car/bus

4. Write down the directions including all the road names.


Read the text and then answer the questions:


If you want to print it, this version might be easier:

Daily Challenge

All you need to make one of these creations is an egg-box. Please ask your adult before removing the eggs and letting them roll around the fridge......