St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Week beginning 02.11.20



Tuesday: Prime Numbers



Wednesday: Square and Cube numbers



Thursday: Order of Operations



Friday: Mental Calculations




Tuesday: Electricity Year 4 Revision 4 Electricity Revision Activity Mat.pdf


Wednesday: Science Skills - Variables

When planning a Science experiment, you have to control the variables. 

There are three types: 
Independent variable: the one thing that change. 

Dependent variables: what will you measure?
Controlled variables: what will stay the same every time?


Activity: I want to measure how our shadows change throughout the day. 
Independent variable (what will you change?):
Dependent variable (what will you measure/ observe?):

Controlled variable (what must stay the same?):  


Thursday: Voltage

Volts are a measure of how much electric force is stored. 
Voltage is an electric force that causes electrons to move around a circuit. 
Just like water needs pressure to force it through a hose, electrical current needs some force to make it flow. 


Do you think the amount of volts affect the circuit in any way? Bulbs, buzzers, motors?

How could we test whether the amount of volts affects the brightness of a lamp or volume of a buzzer?

If you were in school, we would test this out, but, unfortunately, you probably don't have the correct equipment at home. 


This video explains what you would probably find:


Friday: How does Electricity Work?


Write an explanation about how electricity works.



  1. Reading Planet:
  2. Read to a parent or guardian EVERY day for 20 minutes.



Research Benjamin Zephaniah - create a fact file. 


Create a piece of Art work, that expresses who you are. Think about what you value, what you enjoy etc. 



Watch the video about useful phrases for beginners:

Test them out on your friends and family!





Create an acrostic poem all about Diwali, e.g. 

D is for dancing late into the night

I is for India, where Diwali is celebrated by millions of people

W is for...

A is for...

L is for...

I is for...