St John's C of E Primary School

"Use your God-given gifts to serve others." 1 Peter 4: 10

Eid Day Part 2 2023

Computing -


Watch some of these videos all about Water Aid and use the websites to research - 


WaterAid Explains: What is WaterAid? | WaterAid - YouTube

A world of water! | WaterAid - YouTube

Everyone, Everywhere 2030: Grace’s story | WaterAid - YouTube

The Girls Who Turned To Water | WaterAid - YouTube


Websites to research:

About us | WaterAid UK

Our global strategy | WaterAid UK

Our history | WaterAid

Our fundraising promise to you | WaterAid UK


Once you have watched the videos and read some information, you are going to create a poster all about what you have learnt. Your poster must be based around Water Aid. You need to create your poster on J2e5 and you need to make it colourful. Try to include a range of pictures to make your work more exciting! 


Once you have completed your poster you can have a go at playing these games based around water:

Quick Play: Plastic Planet Marine Rescue - CBBC - BBC

World Continents & Oceans Geography Game - Level 1 - Interactive Map - Sheppard Software

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