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The Flute - Tchaikovsky's 'The Nutcracker' 28.11.22

The flute - Tchaikovsky's 'The nutcracker'


The Nutcracker is a ballet which is often performed at Christmas as it tells the story of a little girl, called Clara, who is given a Nutracker (shaped like a soldier) on Christmas. Her soldier comes to life late at night to fight the mouse king and his army of mice. The nutcracker becomes a human prince and takes Clara off to go to the Magical Land of sweets.  

The music was composed by a Russian composer called Tchaikovsky (1840 – 1893). He wrote classical music which is now incredibly well known.  


The Dance of the Mirlitons translates to ‘the dance of the reed flutes’. A reed flute is like a pipe flute. It is a bit of a play on words as a Mirliton is also a French pastry which is rolled up, filled with chocolate mousse and dipped in chocolate.  


In the classical composition, the main tune is played by a group of flautists (the name given to people who play the flute). 


Also listen to ‘The Waltz of the Snowflakes’. See if you can hear the flute playing. When the flute sounds a much higher pitch it is sometimes played on a piccolo(a half sized flute, sometimes known as a baby flute). 

Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker, Dance of the Reed Flutes

The Nutcracker - Dance of the Mirlitons (Francesca Hayward, The Royal Ballet)

The Nutcracker - The Waltz of the Snowflakes (The Royal Ballet)