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A capella vocal groups 13.2.23

British acapella groups 

We have looked at all of the individual voices. When you put them together, with each voice singing in a different range, you create a vocal harmony group. This makes a sound which has more texture and depth than one voice, or which a group of the same voice can produce.  

Listen to these groups: they are all acapella (there are no instruments playing). See if you can hear a soprano, alto, tenor or bass. Sometimes the voices can cross over (an alto can sing higher than a soprano) but the timbre (quality of sound) will be different. Sometimes the singers play around with their voices to make different percussive sounds (a bit like beat boxing).  

These are the groups singing here: Swingle singers, King singers, Voces8. They are all British singing groups and perform all over the world.

VOCES8 & The King's Singers: Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) - Billy Joel (arr. Philip Lawson)


VOCES8: 'Abendlied' by Josef Rheinberger

Swingle Singers underground tube subway